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  • With the new upgrade, under the profile posts tab there are things that some might have considered private messages that are open for all to see. Phone numbers, email addresses, and what might be considered private conversations.
    Pat, log into your account, go to "Settings" and click "Privacy", go to "Allow Users To" and set to "Nobody" (or whatever options you prefer). Yep, you're correct, under Default settings everyone can see your personal info and PM's.
    PS: Admins-Please change the default settings to "Nobody" for everyone.
    Agree. It seems very odd to see all of this :)
    Hi Brian
    Saw this note on the original post: Last edited by admin; 1 day ago. Reason: Link unapproved -thread held to allow discussion.

    OK where is the list of Approved Links? Or Unapproved Links? I saw an article that would be of interest in the Fisheries Mgmt section, so posted it. I did not realize I needed to find one from an approved source.
    OK, obvious snark is over. Apologies, but some things are just.....

    I also saw a reference to only using reports from official sites further down in the comments. I do trust that the Admins recognize that all official sites are advocates for the official position. Are the Admins saying no dissent from the official line is permitted? I hope not, but that would be a reasonable inference. I do want to remark that some of this is sounding like Directives from the Ministry of Approved Thought and Information. I really hope you don't want to go there.

    One concern I have is that almost any discussion of Management or Policy is absolutely political, as all the ultimate decisions are made by political actors. Fish, Game, Firearms, the list is long, and all are significant in Alaska. Many discussions descend to namecalling, and the usual result is closing or disappearing the discussion. I have previously mildly objected to Mike that this practice validates the hecklers veto. I raise this objection again. If some comments are going to personal and divisive, deal with them. Shutting down discussion signals that the nasty side always wins. Shutting down is simple and easy and ends the irritation, but does nothing to cure the cause. With no personal consequences, the behavior continues. It is a small number of actors./ There are options to delete comments, to post warnings, to limit comment, This is a plea to examine the issue of the hecklers veto as applied to the quite obvious political oriented threads.

    A few years back there was a commenter who polluted a lot of Fisheries threads with a lot of vile comments on all commercial fishing. Nothing ever happened. So I started a thread dedicated to their vile comments, by user name. Someone reported the thread as a violation. I got a notice and said, Hell Yes I did it and here is why. Net of everything, the pollution stopped.

    There are a couple of thread polluters currently active.

    Ok, no more rant. I hope I made a coherent case. Thanks to all of you for keeping this site alive and working

    Terry Jackson

    Hope this day finds you and your community well. My name is Faith Lopez and I handle acquisitions with GroupBuilder. We own a whole network of forums on a variety of topics and have been managing forums for over 20 years.

    I wanted to connect with you to see if you would be interested in discussing an offer for your forum. If you are, please let me know the best contact email so we can chat more.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

    All the best,

    Faith Lopez
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    Hey, Brian! First off, thanks for your various comments on various topics I've seen.

    Questions for you based on one of those posts: do you know of a trail into the Wood River CUA where someone could use a mountain bike? Also thinking about the Yanert. I've hunted the Tonsina this way, but the season closes earlier. Any thoughts would be helpful -- thank you!
    I saw you have a sauna yurt from a post back in 2013, just wondering how that's worked out for you as far as it's held up and is it usable during the winter? I looked up the stoves and they aren't cheap but seems like a guy needs one for a sauna. Thanks for any input.
    Brian, Kimberly Nelson hasn’t been on the forum for quite awhile. She can’t remember her login email. Would you please contact her to let her know what her login email is? Kimberly’s cell # (907) 388-0555
    Thanks. Dean
    Brian duck dog here posted my Argo on steel and swap and just sold it . Can’t figure out how to remove post. Could you remove it for me thanks Steve
    Hey Brian - hope you're doing well! I was picking through some of the threads here and read one of your comments referencing the Maclaren River area. Bit of a long shot, but I thought I'd ask if you had any familiarity with the west fork of the Maclaren? My Dad drew DM336 (non-res moose) and the plan is to access the Clearwater CUA via horses. Most of my research is leading me towards that west fork of the Maclaren. I know there is a mining road that follows the Maclaren proper up to the fork, but I can't find good intel after that. Any insights? Just trying to pin down the best approach. Thanks in advance! Hope you've got some fun hunts planned this year!

    I've been looking at making a sauna in our backyard.

    I seen your sauna yurt and thought it was brilliant.
    ​​​​​​What type of material did you use for the yurt cover? And how much was the cover

    I Live in Northern Ireland so I might find it difficult to source from Alaska
    How does it hold up in high winds and

    Could you give me some more information on the build - dimensions etc.
    Hi Brian, I little while ago, I upgraded to a supporting membership, my signature line doesn't reflect the change. Are you able to do that. I'm trying not to bug Mike too much. Thanks Mark
    Hi, is this how you do an IM here ? Not sure, it seems that experts can disagree as the guy who discovered AIDs believes it was created in a lab. Regardless of that, there seems to be a lot of incredibly dangerous virus research out there. I think there was other evidence out there also and other whistleblowers and censorship by china as well of information sources.

    They always say there's a consensus but then the consensus among scientists also seems to be that GMO is safe

    Anyway, I am new here and wasn't aware of all the rules. I may have failed to read the fine print
    Brian, Do you or your kids use a 20 ga shotgun? Or do you know anyone who uses a 20ga ? I gave my 20ga to a dau-in-law but still have 4 boxes of 7 1/2 shot and I'd like to give them to someone who'd use them.. (free to a good home).
    Hey bud. I’m fully equipped with two tanacom 1000 reels. Can fish to 2600. I’m struggling finding sablefish and I know your the man to ask. Any help would be greatly appreciated and not shared. Ps. Christopher ferrieri on Facebook, can’t find you.
    Hi Brian'

    I posted in here trying to find someone to come hunt with us to replace a key member of our hunting party who dropped out. I filled the position quickly. I want to shut down the thread, if that's OK? There are a few guys attacking me and I don't think it serves any purpose nor reflects well on this site to let this forum become a verbal boxing ring. I won't spend any more time defending a mild and positive post. I expressed no opinions and was not reacting to something someone else said. By the way I did inform Mike S about the post immediately after completing it
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