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    Skwentna fly-in 6/6/2020

    Hi Everyone Cindy asked me to post an update on the Skwentna fly-in this weekend. The goal is to keep this a FUN AND SAFE event!!! With that in mind, plane parking is aways an issue due to limited space. If you plan on camping or staying for the party, plan on using the ramp; early arrivals try...
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    Skwentna Fly in

    If anyone has an open seat going to the fly-in please contact cindi we need to get some support people up to the Roadhouse. Looks like it should be another great year!! DENNY
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    Skwentna Roadhouse fly in

    Just got off the phone with Cindy at the roadhouse. All is a go for tomorrow rain or shine!! Try to arrive before 12:30. The flying demonstrations (STOL, flour bombing, etc) start at 1300. Any participants in the demonstrations will park on the apron (registration is 11:00-13:00)...
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    Skwentna fly in 6 June 2015

    Check out the Skwenta Roadhouse Facebook page for information. There will be STOL, flour bombing and spot landing competition, Lunch in the afternoon and dinner with live band at roadhouse that night. Should be a great time. DENNY