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  • Bob,

    I go up to Lake Creek a couple of time a year, if you want to follow me up.

    1875XA...I think I remember you, back on Memorial Day, you were working on your pump during the barbque ya? Well, good to hear from you, yes I have been to the Knik glacier 5 times this summer, just went up there this past Saturday, It is a beautiful valley. The King run never did show up, bad year there for Kings, only got that one on the Deshka this year, oh well hopefully the silvers will make up for it. Have not been to Lake Creek yet, nobody called and I have no idear how to get their. As far as heading up to the Knik Glacier, on the 29 I will be able go. Always excited about showing new people the glacier, love to share the good things in life with others. Keep in touch, maybe meet at the Knik Access (under the highway bridge where it crosses the Knik River) @ 9am or so. We can take jet up river to the Glacier. I will probably fish down in the lower river after that for silvers, your welcome to join. Keep in touch man..."fishon"
    Hey Bob. I dont know if you remember me but I was at the gathering over memorial day, I had the extreme shallow. I was wondering if you have ran up the Knick? I am headed up to my cabin on fish lake creek next week with my son (7 yo) and a couple of his cousins. I was thinking of maybe coming out early July 28th and would like to take them up to the glacier. I have not ran the knick so I was wondering if you have any pointers for me or if you would be interested in heading up there on the 28th or 29th? Let me know. Have you made it out to Lake Creek yet? I had a very good King season. Was up there for a couple weeks in june and landed several kings the larges I kept was 38lbs.
    I'm buying a Phantom 60/40 sport jon and want to know if there is anybody out there that can lead the way up river or down river. I want to learn Knik Valley, 20 mile and placer river. Also, I would like to follow yuo up to lake creek. Any ideas?...
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