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  • Hey, hate to bother you out of the blue with no familiarity between us, but I had a question you are most qualified to answer. I want to float granite creek/east fork six mile in my 13' boat with my family, but absolutely ignorant on that. I see you post that you did it in a 15'...did you trailer your boat, or pump up at launch? Looks like bike trail and no ramp at bridges? Any info you are willing to share would be amazing. I have done gulkana from soughdough to bridge 7 or 8 times, and upper kenai from bridge to jims 20+. In a previous life i rowed driftboats on the deschutes, but am only 2 years into rubber.

    Thanks and I apologize for random message,
    Don Hutcheson
    (907) 242-8453
    Sorry about the late reply. I just saw your message. Did you float Granite/Six Mile already? It’s a fun float with an easy bike shuttle. I have a trailer now so I transport the boat that way. Previously, I used to inflate at the put-in. Pull onto the wide shoulder upstream of the first highway crossing of Granite and scout. You will see that you can drive under the bridge if you wish. I do not back the trailer all the way down but can get it close. From there it’s a short drag to the water (the family can easily move it the 50’ or so). If I have someone experienced I leave them to assemble the gear and then drive down to the whitewater put-in or have them shuttle. Park the vehicle and then ride a bike for 35 minutes or so back to the put-in and stash the bike in the trees.

    Take a good look down the first stretch below the highway. It’s narrow, shallow, and somewhat fast so any sweepers/strainers are a factor. I’ve had to line the boat under a tree before. You’ll now be along side the campground and the channel stays narrow. If the campground is open you can drive thru and scout some additional water. Eventually you will reach the SixMile confluence. The water doubles. Downstream from here are some large logjams. Use caution but you will have more water and more room to maneuver. After a couple more miles you will see the second highway crossing. From here on the water picks up but there is “usually” less wood. The river turns into fun, splashy class II most of the way to the takeout.

    This early in the season be prepared for wood and ready to stop the raft.
    An easy to make family favorite is stew topped with Bisquick biscuits. Premake/cook or buy enough canned stew, make up the Bisquick in a ziplock bag with water and drop spoonfuls onto the top of the stew. Heat until the biscuits are brown and yummy. Enjoy!
    i was reading one of your float hunting posts and liked your use of the aluminum Dutch oven. Do you have any easy recipes that you would mind sharing?


    Awesome trip man! I know this is kinda weird but this is the guy who took you out on the tour to the arctic ocean and back. I am the bus driver and tour guide. That's awesome you got some meat! Sweet trip and I hope you have a great rest of the summer, wait it is already over its the beginning of sept. already. Hope all your kids are having fun in school. Tell your family I said hello from the North Slope!

    Awsome photo's and story. Where's the pix of the wolf?????? Can't wait to see the rest of the photo's, hopefully you took more of the camp, float and wildlife. Hurry, hurry. Love you, MOM
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