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  • Hey Bernard---Just poking around on the forum and your name popped up and just thought I'd say "howdy". Been doing anything exciting since I last saw you? If you're heading up here next summer I'd love to get together with you again.

    Muttley Crew Fishing
    Hey Bernard----

    It really was great fishing with you and getting to know you this weekend. I wish you lived in Homer because I could see you, Jim and I being pretty good friends.

    I look forward to your return to Homer.

    "Coho" Dave (Muttley Crew Fishing)

    I ordered your book "Kodiak Fishing at Any Angle" from Alaskaautor. I mistakenly ordered this twice, once on 7/31 and again on 8/13. I have not received the book nor have I got a reply to my emails or voice message. Please send only one book and refund the other purchase through PayPal. The transaction ID's are 6SY51616V8419191N and 8Y04603014494672R, if you have any questions please let me know.


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