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  • Welcome to Anchorage! I'll give the locals semi-secret tip for hiking Flat Top, skip the main parking lot and hike it from the backside/south side. To get there you'll take Upper Dearmoun Rd to Canyon Rd. Eventually you'll come to a metal gate and a sign that says the gate closes at 10pm but I've hiked the trail for years and have never seen the gate closed in the summer. You can park at the gate or if you have a truck or even a Subaru with a little ground clearance you can keep driving. If you keep driving, there's a small 5 car turn out then the road widens enough for cars to park along one side. A little further and you'll reach a second gate where the trail to Rabbit Lake begins. There's room to turn around at this second gate.

    Trust me, once summer hits you'll want to avoid the main Flat Top parking lot, it get's overrun with people. The backside is free parking, less people, and you have your pick to hike Flat Top, Peak 2 or Peak 3.
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