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  • Hi there, my name is Roy Peters, I'm a local delta junction resident. I was searching DM772 info and saw your post on the outdoors directory site about the DM772 hunt. I pulled the tag this year and am thinking about going into a slough across the tanana basically just upstream of the lost lake boyscout camp about 6.5 miles. I have a shallow running boat with a 40 horse go devil. I was wo dering if you might have any knowledge of that slough area and if it is navigable by a shallow running boat. Thanks for any info you can help me with, my number is 907 370-3372 you could text me if you want. Thanks
    Hey i saw you had posted in a thread about a year ago telling someone else that you had drawn the DM772 moose hunt the year before. I drew that hunt this year and i was wondering if you could give some advice on getting into the area.

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