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    Assisting a disabled boat

    I swear that dipnetting brings out the worst in people. Watched 10-15 boats yesterday on the Kenai drive right past an obviously disabled boat with 3 old gents on it. They were paddling like mad to try and maintain some kind of direction towards the launch while they drifted downstream. They...
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    Proposal to close caribou and moose hunting on federal land in Unit 13 Here you go folks...same as unit 23 up north. YOUR federal lands being closed.
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    6.0 million reds forecast to return to Upper Cook Inlet, 3.8 million to Kenai
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    Used Wooldridge Alaskan - Help with general pricing

    There is an Alaskan XL on the Anchorage Free Buy Sell Trade page on Facebook right now.
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    What are these pistols worth?

    My coworkers husband passed away unexpectedly a few weeks ago. She has been going through his stuff and found 3 pistols that she has no idea of what they are worth. She was left in a bad way since he didn't have life insurance and is looking to sell them. I'm not a pistol person myself so I'm...
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    Legal moose or not?

    Moose season is just around the corner. Time for some antler judging. Had this guy walk through my old neighbors yard in Wasilla. Is he legal in unit 14B (spike/fork or 50"/3 brow area)?
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    Interesting read on Kenai sockeye escapement

    With July madness just around the corner, this makes for some interesting reading on Sockeye escapement....
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    ADFG News Release: Wood Bison’s Death Leaves Void That Could Slow Herd’s Expansion

    (FAIRBANKS) – Alaska’s fledgling wood bison herd lost an important member Friday when Bison No. 124 was illegally shot and killed near the village of Quinhagak. Alaska Wildlife Troopers are investigating the incident. The bison was salvaged and donated to a Bethel charity. Bison 124 was among...
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    Unit 23 NW Arctic RAC at it they want to close moose

    First caribou, now moose. NW Arctic RAC is requesting that moose hunting on federal PUBLIC LANDS in Unit 23 be closed to all except local residents. I guess PUBLIC LANDS really means local resident only lands...
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    Kenai HP limit question

    I'm looking at getting a 20 ft Hewescraft Sportsman for use on the Kenai and occasional use out in the inlet. I remember when the old 35HP limit was in effect on the Kenai a lot folks had 50HP motors that were detuned to 35HP but could bump them back up to 50HP pretty easily for running out in...
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    Yamaha 50HP 4 stroke won't rev past 4200 RPM's

    Buddy of mine has an Alumaweld with motor issues that has me stumped. 2001 Yamaha 50 HP 4 stroke (carbs) with approx 230 hrs on it. Motor won't rev past 4200 99% of the time and misfires like crazy when it's running at that RPM. Idle is smooth with no miss or anything. Occasionally will run up...
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    Any charter openings tomorrow 7/16 for 2? Ours was cancelled (double booked)

    Just got a call from the charter we were going to use in Whittier saying they double booked us by mistake. I know its a huge long shot but I figured I'd ask and see if there are any last minute openings/cancellations for tomorrow 7/16 out of Seward or Homer? Really bummed because my wife was...
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    Awesome deal on a King Quad 750

    Disclaimer....I am not the one selling this, saw it posted on facebook. Just thought it was a screaming deal if somebody is looking for a 4-wheeler. It's listed in the Matsu-free-buy-sell-trade group: 2009 king quad 750 Price lowered. 3300 cash, plow gun boot, back rack bag 1600 miles 300...
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    Big Lake smoke?

    Had planned on taking my mother and her friends to the Deshka today but the fire has made that a no go. How is the smoke in Big Lake? Was thinking of just tooling around there for a few hours in an effort to at least get them on the water and enjoy the sun but if the smoke is getting bad there...
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    Deshka goes to bait/multiple hooks Saturday on the Deshka is going to be a zoo!!!!