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    Has this site died ???

    I used to really enjoy reading about trapping adventures. What happened??
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    Chugach everyday use

    I currently have the Cabelas` MT050 rain jacket(insulated) and have worn it "many" days as an everyday jacket. On a recent excursion I realized that the waterproofness was lacking. Can the KUIU Chugach be worn as an everyday jacket like my Cabelas` MT050 was worn for many years???
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    Best gaiters ??

    Looking for feedback on the best gaiters out there. Had some a long time ago and they were junk. Never have used any since. Do most of you guys use them??? THANKS!!
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    Most comfortable WIDE boots

    Looking to purchase a new pair of boots for my upcoming hunt. I require a WIDE boot and I am looking at Lowas and Crispis. Can anyone give me their experiences with either of these WIDE boots. Both are quite expensive so I would like to get some feed back before I purchase. THANKS!!!
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    Best all around hunting jacket for early September hunt

    What brand jacket would you recommend for a September hunt in the Yukon?? I am going to purchase a new jacket for this trip and want to get an "all around" jacket that the seasoned hunters like and use. Please tell me your favorite choices. THANKS!!!!
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    Iridium sat phone model 9555

    Can anyone give me some feedback on this model sat phone??? Will be renting a phone on next hunt and want to get the correct one. THANKS!!!
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    Best hand held camcorder for upcoming hunt

    Looking to buy a camcorder and would like to get some feedback from some members that have used one that they are happy with. THANKS!!!
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    Best handheld camcorder for hunting trip ????

    I am going on a hunting trip this Fall and would like to know which camcorder to buy before I go. Something in the 2 to 3 hundred range. THANKS
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    Tikka T3 best ammo--300 WSM-180 grain ???

    Has anyone done any testing for the most accurate ammo for the Tikka T3 Lite in 300 WSM using 180 0r 200 grain bullets?? Brand??
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    Hunting trip travel insurance

    Can anyone give me some feedback on insuring a non-residents hunting trip?? THANKS!!
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    Cabelas guarantee

    I just wanted to give Cabelas a pat on the back for their great guarantee. I had a pair of Meindl boots that had a stitching problem in the heel and I sent them in to be looked at asking if there was any credit that I could get for this problem. I told them that I had the boots for two years...
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    Sitka Stratus pants

    Can anyone give me some feedback on these pants??
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    Is Go Lite totally out of business

    Does anyone know if they are fully closed or if their clothes may be purchased somewhere?? Looking for 850 jacket in XXL.
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    2014 Grizzly Hunt

    “THIRD TIME’S A CHARM” GRIZZLIES 2 -- SMITH 1 As the rain pours down here in Tupper Lake on the 28th of July, 2014, I decided to start another journal of my upcoming Grizzly hunt in Alaska. I’ve been saving up for two years to make another try at killing a grizzly and have gotten in pretty...

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