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  • Hi,
    I still own a house in the lower 48 but live most time in ANC...My plane is down near Indy until spring when I intend to bring it up...But will still be looking at those mod's before bringing it up...thanks for the great gouge...So if you need a place to stay on your trip down or back or even a formation flight back up...sounds like a great adventure...only week I have already committed to is the first weekend in June, (nephew graduating from Med School..

    Thanks again for the great info from those folks...

    Hey Tom,
    I saw that in May of 2008 you were lookign for informationon caribou in uit 14B. I drew that hunt this year ad am looking for information that you may have. Did you find any caribou? Did you fly in? Where were you able to find any landing strips? Do you know if it possible/worthwhile to go in by ATV?
    Any info you have would be appreciated.
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