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  • Hello,
    I am making my first trip to Alaska the end of August 2018 for a week long solo hike in Lake Clark National Park.
    What are the regulations if i come upon an old carcass or antlers and i wish to take one home with me (i know airlines have regulations on this part). Is that allowed?
    My people were watching the Alaska Wildlife Troopers on TV. The troopers came upon some camp, and decided they were going to search the entire campsite for any evidence of game. Nope. No game! How about guns. Yep! They got guns! Yes, but are they "registered" firearms? ****, they registered their firearms too (fools, don't they know we will kick-in their door someday and take every firearm they registered?). Finding no fault in this group yet, the troopers then decided to search each individual camper, for no cause whatsoever, till they found a small sack of weed. Score! My question to you is, have you guys ever heard of the 4th Amendment? Most public servants take oaths to defend the US Constitution. Do Alaska Wildlife Troopers take oaths to Violate Constitutional rights? What authority do Alaska Wildlife Troopers have to search people without cause?
    Dear Trooper, tried to send a PM as requested but the site said it is not possible. According to Sec 08.54.650, licensed game transporters may not transport hunters to a temporary lodging facility. So why can such a service as advertised on Craigslist, Marine Services, Deer Hunts and mentioned on this forum by AKMIKE30 be allowed to continue?
    The waterfowl regulations state "It is a violation to have shells loaded with lead shot in personal possession while hunting migratory birds." Does "personal posession" mean on your person, or does it also include in your vehicle? If I want to hunt ducks, then stop elsewhere and hunt grouse on the way home, I might want to have lead shot in the truck but not on my person while hunting ducks, and I might have dead ducks in the truck while I'm hunting grouse with lead shot. Is there a way I can legally do that?
    Planning a black bear hunt in Prince William which is a one bear limit. If i got a bear before the hunt in a 3 bear area will that count against my Prince William limit?

    As a wildlife trooper do you get to do any hunting and fishing yourself? and more specifically Sheep hunting. I'm interested in the field, but have a lot of questions.

    Do the laws prohibiting shooting on from or across a roadway apply to groomed winter trails?
    In big game statutes what is the definitive line where "associated with a city, town, or village" ends and "field" begins.
    Will be vacationing in Alaska again and this time [at the recommendation of several AK locals] will be armed as we travel in an RV. My question is concerning the law concerning handling of an animal that is killed in SD. I understand there is a requirement that [in the case of a bear] the animal must be skinned and the coat and head delivered to a Wildlife official. I must stress that we will only carry a weapon [also bear spray] as protection against a bear attack as we travel and camp. As a non hunter, I lack both the skill and knowledge necessary to "process" a dead bear. I in no way would expect to achieve anything other than "life and safety" and certainly would comply to the law in every other way, but as a senior citizen visitor I lack the physical ability to carry out the "processing and delivery" requirement. How is a circumstance where the person involved in a legitimate SD incident but physically unable to "process", viewed by the law?
    I'm just curious if you are prepared to fight the legal battles that might ensue if you give someone "advice" on your interpretation of the law and then other legal authorities decide that the advice you gave is not within the law as they see it.

    There was a thread on this forum that "discussed" what does or doesn't constitute "guided fishing" within AK. As evidenced by the thread, many people have varied views on the "interpretation" of the rules for guided fishing. It is a rather "gray", for sure.

    I'm just curious if you will be willing to stand behind your assertions in a court of law if your guidance ends up getting me arrested for breaking the law as seen by the person arresting me. Or will you defer questions such as that to a "higher" authority?

    I really appreciate the "thought" behind what you (and the forum) are trying to do, but to me it seems dispensing legal advice on a website such as this is a pretty dangerous area to be getting into for an agent of the state.
    I am up north in Unit 23, I was wondering if it is legal to take out non resident and fully licensed hunters out in the boat to hunt caribou up here. I am not getting paid but they are buying at least half of the gas for the trip. Do I need a guiding license to do this? Reason I ask is I have a lot of friends and family from out of state. I am considered a subsistence hunter and have my licenses and tags.
    Hello there......my question too you is what does it take to maintain alaska residentsy once you've became a resident,the reason i'm asking is because we all know people that either work 1/2 the year in alaska and live outside and do not claim any benifit outside of alaska but yet hunt in alaska as thought there residents,or they became a legal resident by staying in alaska for 1 year,then living in the lower 48 for 9 months and not claiming any benifits outside alaska,none of these folks claim the alaska dividends but yet claim there alaska residents?????
    a question more about dealing with a problem animal is there a way to move a animal out of the area than kill it ..we have a slight problem with a bear last summer at the homestead and i would if it would be possble to have the animal move instead of having to kill it ..
    As a nonresident hunter, I sometimes need to transfer meat, capes, antlers etc to another person for care and processing. This often involves a big game transporter or air taxi. What are the legal requirements? If documents are required, where can they be obtained?
    2011 Hunt Drawing: As I understand it, every household that submits an application for a Tier I permit for GMU13 will be granted one but with the condition that no one in the household would be allowed to hunt caribou or moose outside of GMU13. If I submit an application for this hunt, can I still apply for the Ft Rich / Elmendorf archery moose drawing with the understanding that if drawn for the archery tag, I would forfit the Tier I or am I not eligible to even apply? One draw is guaranteed but the other is for a larger meat source. I just want to make sure I am legal in the process of submitting my applications for this year. Thanks for your time.
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