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  • 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe 4x4 - atvs, utvs, snowmobiles - by... (

    I saw this machine for sale. Thought you might want to look. Not cheap.
    Hey Gary,

    I have shifted to muzzle loading on the north side of the base, but have hunted that tag a bunch between my buddies and I. Shoot me a PM sometime and I'll be happy to share my somewhat dated information.

    I have not heard of anything on Lake Louise road at all. There was a pic of one swimming the lake a few weeks ago. The end of Miers Lake might be good on the Rich. but the feds made much of that land Fed. subsistence hunting and you need a map to figure it out. My tag doesn't open up until the 21st. My moose tag opens Oct. 1st.
    difference between Espar and the Planar heaters?

    You are not going to get the answers your looking for on this forum Brian has to many friends.
    Try Hewescraft forum or do a Google search. . a new phone and your number didn't transfer. Otherwise I would have been bugging you all winter. Oh well. I could always stop by the house:) PM me your number again..or I will just ask Jim:)
    Hello "wounded knee" .My God!! Everytime, I come here it reminds me of Dimond High!! Talked to Jim tonight..Dad comes up June 13th, Matt is not far behind. Want to hook up when dad is here or wait until after july 1st and go for lings.....Let me know. Dad leaves 28th of June but Matt probably wont leave to Mid July. Gotta break in Jim's new boat!
    What?! When have I ever been at a lost for words. Trying to think of a reasonable bet. Was going to let you clean my fish, but you already do that! he he
    Monday won't work. Don't want to watch Jordan and for Bears. Sun could probably swing it. Going to property tonight and should be back by Sun afternoon.
    You could have asked me to go to Russian for opening day!!! Would have saved money on gas. Well, not really, I probably would have used the difference to buy beer!! Fishing makes me thirsty:)
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