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  • You really made me bust out laughing with the comment you just made my direction - thanks!

    btw, I agree, wholeheartedly. Two thumbs up, for the sentiment you expressed.
    re: Grandma's vs. Recipes. Will you be MY Grandma? I need to know how to make spaetzel as well as moose sausage. Do you use terms like " add SOME" and "knead till it FEELS right"?
    I just want to tell you I love reading your posts and seeing your pictures. Im totally living in the wrong place. I lived beyond the sidewalks back when I got here 16 yrs ago. I lived out for 2 yrs then moved back to civilization due to illness. Im wanting to go back out beyond the sidewalks again. I would love to be able to talk more with you about some different aspects of living out in the bush. Thanks for being part of this forum and being an inspiration to me to move back to the life style I would love to be living again. Washkeeton
    Still learning how to use the forum and am not sure of all if any rules. Can I purchase some of your baskets? If it's inapproiate to ask then I apologize in advance.
    I have read just about every post you have made, pictures life wya up north and have admired you from afar. You are one tough lady and its been my sincere pleasure to have been able to meet you through your posts. Keep it up and good luck with the hunts!.

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