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  • Hello akrstabout,

    I'm curious if your offer to show folks around PWS would extend to helping a new boat owner learn to actually drive their boat. My wife and I recently purchased a new-to-us boat and are looking for an experienced boat captain to show us the ropes in launching from a dock, safely exiting the marina, returning and docking, etc.. I'm not sure if this is something you would be interested in, or if you are strictly offering hunting information and PWS tours.

    I only biked to the air strip. I spotted several sheep high up to the west of the airstrip - Couldn't tell if they were ewes/lambs or Rams.

    I am leaning towards hunting bold ridge over the opening week, but am concerned that with 25 permits for the area that it will be packed as it is the most accessible from the lakeside trail.

    I pulled the Eklutna Lake area sheep hunt for this fall. I enjoyed reading your posts about the hunt, and watching your youtube videos. In one of your posts you had mentioned you would be willing to share information learned on the hunt - which is why I am writing this.

    I am planning to bike the trail as far back to the glacier as possible to check things out this weekend, and plan to hike up a bit to do some glassing to get an idea of the area.

    Any information that you learned about the area and would be willing to share would be greatly appreciated.
    thanks for the offer with the help on a bear, you can give a call if you'd like and maybe give some tips or talk about opportunities. 808-741-7489-brian
    I checked out the 17hmr online and I would for sure consider trading. I'm mostly looking for something to take trapping with me and this seems ideal. I bought the Glock for self defense, and just don't shoot enough to be very accurate. Anyway give me a call or text if you want to do some trading. Daniel 406-890-8941 I'm headed to the hockey game tonight, but I will be available tomorrow evening or Sunday.
    I will hopefully contact cavtrooper very soon. If not, I'll work a deal with ya...
    Boat is 26ft Carver-good heavy boat. I still have the bucket of sinkers and hooks you lent to me. Also the fillet board. Keep in touch, we can plan a hunt.
    Hey Chris, its cabin fever time. Keep in touch, I still have my boat and a bunch of guys who want to go fishin. Maybe work in a bear hunt, you da man! I am willing to plan a hunt.
    I have 200gr and 230gr hardcast in stock. 200gr FMJ-FP, and 180gr Nosler HP in stock as well. All $45 a box of 50.
    Looking for some Double Tap 10mm. Will be in ANC in about 5 days. What do you have in stock?

    Hey there. I just worked up a LW long slide order with the 6.6 inch threaded barrel and the TruGlo TFO green on green night sights. It was 628.16 before the assembly fee (including the shipping with insurance). Thanks for the info about it. Now I sit back and look forward to having a new complete slide assembly in a few weeks. For a total of 653.16 I hope this puppy shoots well...it just about the cost for a new pistol!

    AJ MyTime
    Just saying Hi Chris, FYI I will park my boat in Ninilchik this coming summer. Let me know if you want to go fishing on that side of the pond. I will do more trips this summer since I won't have to drag the boat over from Anchorage. Ken
    Most likely after the Jan. gun show at Wasilla high. Just did an order 3 weeks ago. It was here in two weeks! I knew I should have asked you, but.....

    I have 230gr DT in stock. Some 230gr equalizers=two projectiles in one case! 200gr FMJ-FP.

    If you don't want the FMJ-FP I can put you on the list, and get payment when it is closer to ordering date.
    Yeah I will be doing an order after my sheep hunt. Will be either late sept. or Nov.. I will have to call everyone on the list and get pre payment. DT now has to charge AK, HI and Puerto rico an additional $25 per freight box for hazmat fees from UPS. So I will offer ammo as long as possible, as a public service! Feel obligated now and it is good stuff, as you know. Hang in there and I will hook everybody up! As far as cheep ammo, get on a list for a .22 conversion! SW has had 10mm cheap stuff. WWG, sponsor here aslo has 10mm HSM at times, he had some a few weeks ago. Other choice is get a .40 S&W barrel. Seen boxes of 50 for $17 @ Mountain View sports= sale price and limited supply it looked like. Thanks, Chris
    If you're doing another Doubletap ammo order anytime soon; I was looking to get two boxes of the 10mm 135grain 1600fps, and a box of the 180grain Gold Dot.
    Also, do you have a suggestion for where to pick up cheapish range ammo?
    I evidently need a good bit of practice with my g29. ;)
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