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    Magnum Large Rifle Primers Available

    Found a few boxes of these in my stuff and been feeling angry at today’s prices.
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    Magnum Large Rifle Primers Available

    Yea, considering that but some loads are maxed. I’d go back to min loads and work back up…but hey, it’s sending a round down range. Maybe I’ll just use them for near minimum recommended plinking loads with cheap FMJs.
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    Magnum Large Rifle Primers Available

    I have Magnum Large Rifle Primers CCI, & Federal. I need Large Rifle Primers. Anchorage.
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    .35 Whelen brass?

    anyone got once fired .35 Whelen brass they don't need? I could use a box or two. Thanks. I have 30-06 and .300 Win mag. I work mid-town Anc. cell 382-2044
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    Emergency cabin heat when power is out

    Hello, I'm looking for suggestions: We built a cabin two hours north of Anchorage, it is 20x28 with a full upstairs (gambrel barn roof style). We are on the edge of the grid and have electricity. We have running water inside with a kitchen faucet and shower, food, liquids, refirdg, etc..we have...
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    Most versatile 2 powders to have?

    Just for fun, If you had to shoot as you do, with only 2 powders (rifle and pistol) for targets, hunting, heck, survival in general, what would you want a store of as the most versatile? I shoot rifle and pistol in numerous calibers.... 1. Unique for pistol.....reloads everything pistol...
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    8x57 & 7x57 head space gauge needed for use

    Any of you guys in Anch area have 7x57 and or 8x57 head space GO/NO-GO gauges to help me out? I'll drive to whever if you could check the rifles before I shoot them.
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    WTB 8x57 mil surp ammo

    Anyone around Anch/Valey want to get rid of some 8x57 military ammo? PM with quanity, bullet weight if you know and price.
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    gunsmith recommendation

    Who local or mail out would be good and cost reasonable to put a provided barrel on an action, finish ream / head space and cut out for the extractor. Also, the mauser bent bolt may need bent a little more and I may consider a butter knife handle. I'll probably try blueing myself Thanks
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    .329 - .330 8x56R bullets for reloading

    Anyone interested in going in on an order for 100ea 150 grain and 100ea 205 grain. We would both get 50 of each for $36.00 and 1/2 shipping or anyone got any to get rid of?
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    new brass question

    I bought some new Lapua brass from Bruno shooters supply (excellent customer service, inexpensive 3 day mail, and they sell any quanity of brass from one piece up). Anyway, their guy told me that for the first use, I would want to load a mild load with the bullet touching the rifling to...
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    scope mount for Swede M38?

    I just got another Swedish M38 6.5 x 55. Price was right, but it came without the military stock and has a fairly nice custom stock. Mismatched, but head spaces and shoots fine. Anyone know what bases and rings work well with it? Redfield made a one piece base that will fit, but I do not know...
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    Have a laugh

    see attch, this is scary
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    6.5x55 Swede owners??????

    I've loved, and used the 6.5x55 Swede for years...........before they became cool again and got rediscovered. Finally, I'm not the cheap, weird guy that uses an old mil surp with funny looking rounds that the bullet looks as long as the case. A few weeks ago someone asked "what is your most...
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    Who ships ammo to AK

    Anyone know who will ship mil surp ammo up here? I've know that the CMP will, but they have only U.S. calibers. You can't beat their 30-06 price, and only $20 overnight shipping. However, They sent an email telling to expect a long delay.