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  • In the Looking for a Labrador pup thread you mentioned Alaska Labradors then LNR. Is LNR the owner or a different breeder from Alaska Labradors? Thanks for your time.

    I sent you an email on here and after doing so realized I have no idea if it went through, so I figured I'd try this route as well. I'm leaning towards buying an airboat, but pretty unsure of what exactly I want or what to look for in a boat..... And I'd love to see a Skip built boat such as yours. If your at all interested in meeting up sometime to talk airboats I'd love the opportunity.

    Charles 223-8733
    I was told by skip you are going to up grade on your boat this year. I am doing the same with mine and skip mentioned you might have everything I need if you are going to sell them. The reduction and prop. I'm new to this so I'm just going off of what skip says really.
    hey couldnt get your pm from before. my number is 9078300986. im free to call from 9am-9pm pretty much. thanks for lendin a hand as well
    akblackdawg, I see you are a retiree too. I'm in Palmer and retired. I'm always looking to get out hunting or fishing especially during the work week. If you feel like meeting up for a cup of coffee or beer, I'd look forward to it.
    Hay Bud
    Sure I'll take them off you hands. May be a while till I can pick them up. Say around 19th 20th. If you need them gone before then I may be able to have a friend pick them up, or I can on my way to work around 5:00 pm. Bob
    My 12 foot aquapod is made by Attbar I belive. Google aquapod you'll find it. the 9 hp may be a bit big for a pod. Not to mention that you will have to make a mount. The pod is not rated for a gas motor. But my 74 lg 6 hp works just fine. It is however a one may show, and maybe a dog. Now my 12 foot flat bottom is a Alumacraft and I think that motor would be a better fit. Bob
    Hi, my name is Ryan
    I deployed from early 09 to early 10. So i missed all of 2009 hunting and everything else. I would definitely like to go on some hunting trips with you.
    My number is (907)360-7878. you wont be able to reach my today because I am getting ready for and doing a jump this afternoon til late.
    What is wrong with your boat? I'll help you fix it, if i can.
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