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  • Looks like I have not posted enough. Yes I am very intrested, use to be my favorite trail. Back then I was on a Honda and knew what it would do. Now I am on a Ranger 800 that I have not pushed to test the abilites of.

    Would like to here more
    This site is actually relatively fast on the internet for being on the slope, nice that it doesn't have tons of adds to slow things down.
    I would go with the 12hp Coppherhead. they sell them in Wasillar I think. I also know they will let you take it for a test drive if you want. I dont have the contact info.but there is a list of CL for them. I am going to get one for my 14ft Alumiweld when I get back and move up to another style of boat as well. That motor will take you anywhere you want to go and with a medium load pretty smooth ride and fast enough. if you got with the longtail..the only option I see is being able to really get into the thick stuff at a slower putting around speed if desired. If looking at longtails.. I would go with a 18HP for the longtail. I have been in a 14ft boat with an 18hp..not near as fast as the copperhead..but a steady speed.

    let me know what you decide..would be great to hear about how it works.. i would go do a test run on the two personnaly and see what you think. As mentioned earlier..
    Where did you see me..lol.

    I have a 14ft jon with a Backwater Scavenger motor 13hp..the limit on DL is 20hp...so that is the only reason I have the 13hp..It works well with 3 in the boat and a dog and gear...I usually tow a muskrat boat with decoys and use it to layout.

    You just need to figure out what kind of water you will be hunting.. The longtail motors are great for shallow water and deep water..but dont go fast..they will get you anywhere..but without the speed like the copperheads and prodrives/Go devils hyperdrives etc.. I am seriously considering buying a copperhead motor later on. I want more speed.

    Anyway...stay in touch and let me know.. If you can figure out how we can get to where the geese are or the birds over there.. I am game...we killed 22 and a goose yesterday..had a great hunt..I know where a few are and if it is like it was this Sat next Sat.. I will have geese and ducks in my face..:)

    8544790...give me a call and we can talk duck

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