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  • Hey Greg, nice moose hunting pic on the forum congates on the great trip. I just came to work on Thursday so I wont be back to town until the 4th. I will come by and see you when I get back. Mike is welding me up some saddle tanks so I have to swing by there anyways.
    AK RR,

    Do you know if we can buy gas up at Huslia? IF so do you have any contacts or names we can call? Thanks in advance.

    ARR, I hope your treatments are going well and you are enjoying the sun in the Phoenix area. I live in Palmer, but spend several months in Gilbert (East Valley) each year. I have my 8 month old lab pup with me and am interested in getting him some training while I'm down here. Did you happen to find a trainer you would recommend?

    Thanks for any info,

    George Troxel
    Dear fellow hunter!

    I hope the hunting season finds you with big dreams, exciting hunt prospects for the season and a secret buck or bull you've been watching all summer!

    For the last 3 years I've been working on a way for us all to share our hunting experiences- the pics, the stories, the gear, the tags that we all enjoy. The result is a website that is built around doing just that- sharing with fellow hunters.

    The site is still in beta meaning there might be a few bugs. That also means we are very busy adding more features and functionality- it has been a massive undertaking. But the core is there, ready, and waiting for you to join in with me and others who are passionate about hunting.

    Head on over to www.trophydown.com and sign up for an account! Then start sharing and enjoying others hunting experiences!

    Happy hunting!

    Dave Sanders
    [email protected]
    Old dogs with bad habits can be tough. It will take a lot of committment for you to overcome them. Ask yourself if you see any positives in the dog and if your effort will be rewarded. If not, get rid of him now.
    Otherwise figure that you will have to be 100% "on" with him every day. He'll need to be leashed and controlled. There can not EVER be a chance for him to not do the right thing. Build up good habits and slowly the old bad ones will dissapear.
    It's not magic, just takes time.
    Hey!! I have a question for you.
    We have had a Chocolate Lab since July and I can't seem to get his discipline down. He's 5 years old in December, but he is incredibly strong willed and we are having a dominant struggle. I am 1/2 tempted to give him back to the Rescue. Do you have suggestions, advice, or someone you could refer me to for training him?
    There was gas available in the village, but not at the river. We were last there 12 years ago or so. We found some guys with a truck and hired them to haul us up with our drums. We had heard that Huslia could be a bad place to be, but we found people to be helpful. I do not have current contacts. You might call Dave at Everts Air Fuel and ask him what he knows. They may fly fuel in to the village and may know who to talk with.
    you bet it helps to potect it ,I KNOW THE ONE ON MINE SURE HELPS MY 15 HP
    IN ANCHORAGE 677-9043
    Hay River Rat, I was wondering if I could talk to you sometime about boats? I've decided to purchase a boat this summer and my only requirements are approx. 21' and able to run in as shallow of H2O as possible. Other than that I'm kind of lost. Inboard vs. outboard, multi stage jet vs. single, Hull make, ect. I actually have a lot of questions, and you seem to have quite a bit of experience with some different jet boats, so I was hoping to maybe bounce some ideas off you and pick your brain a little. Oh, and good fuel economy would be nice too.
    Take care,
    Couple of young guys. I know the one, he is a bit bigger guy from Fairbanks. I did not know the other young guy. Don't worry too much about them asking, I think you are more than good. If I were them, I probably would have asked too. Maybe they did not have the info that Glenn and Potter had. Just letting you know.
    I did see Charlie dropping off guys on the Kateel. He had a big load in the little boat and hit where I did. He could not get through with the jet, so unloaded a bunch.
    Seemed like a good guy and even offered us up a truck if we needed it in Galena. I saw the Peregrine parked at Galena below a really pretty log place. Wonder if that was his or not?
    Got to go look at my trip log, but figured I put in over 800 river miles on this trip. But that is what I love to do. Now I am trying to figure out the perfect shallow water rig to complement my big boat. Has to be light, flat, powerful, cat quick, reliable, and tough as old boot leather. I have a couple of options. I would like to take a 16' or 18' wide flat bottom, make a short tunnel, and set up a 30hp Johnson jet. Then, flip it over and attach UHMW. Would add a few pounds (250 +/-) but floatation too. Hmm, another winter project and one more boat.
    Ya, Cottonwood Creek was not in the "zone", but the zone started right on the upstream side of Cottonwood Creek on the Dulbi. Sorry to hear that you guys didn't score. Charlie was great, he is honest, and runs a tight ship. He got us as far as he could and the rest was up to us. We were fortunate enough to be able to get into the area and had the water been up a little more, I'm sure he would have continued on up the Dulbi and would have taken us as far as Cottonwood. Conditions just prevented this from happening. I'm kind of curious, who was it that was asking about us at F&G? When we went through the check station at the cabin Glenn Stout and his partner didn't even care to see our GPS showing where we had camped or shot the moose. They said that they had talked to Mike Potter the State Trooper and he told them that he had flown over our camp and we were good to go, so that was good enough for them.
    Take Care,
    How's it going? I was just wondering how you guy's did on the Koyukuk? Hope all went well.
    Take care,
    Greg Borton
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