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  • Hey what's up. Get that moose? I'm heading to Seattle to see my baby girl this weekend. If you like catching a lot of silvers delta is stacked with them right now. Caught like 400 this past few weeks
    Yea did Quartz caught some small guys. Did Harding and caught some big guys. My flasher was acting weird last week so I order a new part Thursday but it will arrive on Monday afternoon :( oh well.
    Went out last two weekends already. When I was out it was 2 inches. Ill be out there Monday around 1030 if you are off.
    10in on harding 500 feet out 5 ave.,,,,, fish n game said.... r u ready......???? when give me a call ....
    hell ya im ready,,,,22,18.14,12,9lb.lakers..3char 5lb,,30in......in 30 hrs -three trips lots of bottom mapen time.....great times in delta ....good fishen....give me a call sometime....charlie 799-1124
    All excited for Harding this coming season. got some new toys to try out there. you catch any other beast out there in your boat?
    Ive been fishing Delta for the last month. great silver run this year caught well over 500 this year.
    hows it going getting ready for harding ....caught a few trout yesterday 4in. ice bathing beuty....
    did u go fishing last weekend to harding ........ ice thick enought for snowmachine yet .... any fish??///
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