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    Condolences to Brian M...

    Members, we have set up some fundraiser options coordinated by this website here:
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    Mason Family Auction

    Attention Members and Outdoor Businesses We are going to be holding an auction right here on the Alaska Outdoors Directory that will directly support the Mason family. My name is Rob Pavlick. I am the owner of the site and will be personally handling this auction. We are asking for outdoor...
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    Mason Family Donation Page

    This is a new subforum dedicated exclusively to supporting the Mason family. We have opened up a supporting membership. You can visit here: At that page you will find options to donate to the Mason family. Every dollar will be sent directly to...
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    Alaska Outdoor Council Annual Business Meeting - April 8-9, 2022

    April 8-9, 2022 8-5pm In person Laquinta Inn & Suites 4920 Dale Rd, Fairbanks, AK 99709 By Zoom Visit for details.
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    Homer Winter King Salmon Tournament

    Posting on behalf of the Tournament...good luck everyone! We'll look forward to photos! /
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    Identifying Alaska's Rivers - From Michael Strahan

    Sharing a little gift from Mike's vast amount of knowledge...enjoy!
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    Mike Strahan...DIY Dry Bag
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    Excessive Fisheries Bycatch/Bycatch Review Task Force

    This post is informational. Summary: The bycatch issue came to a head this summer when all Yukon River salmon fisheries were canceled due to so few returning chinook and chums. Along with ocean and climate impacts, villagers questioned the takes by huge trawlers that catch and process fish at...
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    SCI Hunting Workshop, Kenai Peninsula, Friday, August 19th, 2016

    Just received word from Ted Spraker that the Alaska Kenai Peninsula chapter of Safari Club International is sponsoring a hunting workshop. According to the flyer, the topics include: How to judge a legal moose Fall bear hunting New regulations How to field dress a big game animal Necessary...
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    New Billy Molls DVD Titles in the Store!

    Hey folks, looking for some wintertime DVD viewing? Check out the new Billy Molls DVD we just added to the store! Modern Day Mountain Man Season 6 We also have about 45 or so titles in our close-out section, so be sure to stop by for some screaming deals on close-out items. When they're...
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    Alaska Real Estate Forum

    Check out our new forum, the Alaska Real Estate Forum! For several years our members have been asking for a place to buy / sell property in the state of Alaska, but we steered clear of it. There are many places that offer real estate for sale, and we thought it would be too much of a...
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    A Quick Review of the New Site!

    We just launched the largest upgrade in the 18-year history of this site. It's been an ongoing project for the last year, and really intensified in October 2013 through today, July 8th, 2014, when at 2pm AST, we finally flipped the switch. Here is a summary of the changes: REBRANDING The site...
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    Important Glitches, Bugs and Broken Stuff

    Hi folks, Unless you are either brand-new to our site, or are still stumbling through the half-sleep of fishing season in Alaska, you've probably noticed a few cosmetic changes around the site. Frankly, this is the biggest upgrade we've ever done in our 18 years online. We've been working on it...
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    New Forums!

    After careful consideration and several member requests, we have added three new forums to Outdoors Directory. We are always careful with the addition of new forums, because we want to ensure a quality experience for our readers. We believe these forums will attract new members, and enhance the...
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    Rules for this Forum

    The purposes of this forum are twofold: 1. To provide a way for the site management to make you aware of new products in our store. 2. To provide a way for our readers to make us aware of products we might consider carrying. Members are welcome to post new threads here, and to respond to...

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