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  • I'm not on the Forums as often as many members, so my "numbers" are accordingly low. However, anyone willing to take a stand on the antler/horn issue is alright with me. :topjob: I too am bugged, and have been for as long as I can remember. I have a weekly radio show I do as a part of my job with USFWS, and I've used the antler/horn issue as a topic in the past. Sadly, we are in the minority.

    Kudos, and rock on .338WM!
    Seems like you should share this with more ppl; check out www.907outdoors.com; its a new site and I'm sure you would have a ton of cool stuff to add to it.
    Dear fellow hunter!

    I hope the hunting season finds you with big dreams, exciting hunt prospects for the season and a secret buck or bull you've been watching all summer!

    For the last 3 years I've been working on a way for us all to share our hunting experiences- the pics, the stories, the gear, the tags that we all enjoy. The result is a website that is built around doing just that- sharing with fellow hunters.

    The site is still in beta meaning there might be a few bugs. That also means we are very busy adding more features and functionality- it has been a massive undertaking. But the core is there, ready, and waiting for you to join in with me and others who are passionate about hunting.

    Head on over to www.trophydown.com and sign up for an account! Then start sharing and enjoying others hunting experiences!

    Happy hunting!

    Dave Sanders
    [email protected]
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