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    A Question About ADFields

    I need to contact Andy and have been unable to reach him on his cell phone. I haven't spoken with him in several months and he hasn't posted here in nearly a year. I wondered if anyone has spoken to him recently? Does anyone have a phone number that they'd be willing to share via PM? I'm...
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    Finally found a Whelen

    The bullet on the right is from a 400+ yard impact on a moose from the Whelen. There just isn't much that a 200 TTSX won't reliably do out of the Whelen.........
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    2013 Hunting Photo Gallery

    It is always good to fill the freezer and spend a glorious day with a friend afield. All the better when these things come together.
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    ADfields is a great guy.

    Just wanted to say ADfields is good as it gets to deal with and easily worth a trip to the valley if you need his services.......Grateful for you Andy.
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    2013 Hunting Photo Gallery

    Introduced this brown bear to my Redhawk. He was impressed......
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    Sometimes a .44 Mag is enough.....

    I've got no written story for this one--maybe I'll get something together, but really there isn't a lot to tell. That's the best pic I have, but I've a couple hunting partners that may have done a little better so perhaps a few more pics in the coming days. Just had the skull and hide sealed...
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    Sometimes a .44 Mag is enough.....

    Just back from my fall hunt and wanted to share my latest brown bear. Not my biggest bear, right at 8 feet with a skull just under 25 inches, but I'm pleased enough to have taken him with the handgun at a bit less than 35 feet.
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    tikka 270 mods

    They are an inexpensive rifle that offer a lot of performance for the money. Can't say I'm crazy about the one action length for all the cartridges they offer, but a person can do a lot worse. The only upgrade I've put on mine are Talley LWs that were machined for a better and lower fit...
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    2013 Hunting Photo Gallery

    Had a few really good days afield looking for caribou this year on the Nushagak Peninsula. Saw a few caribou, but spared this one from a bug infested summer.....
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    Your favorite scope mounts for a high recoil rifle.

    There are lots of combinations that work very well. Talley Lightweight rings are a sturdy and fairly inexpensive option, but far from the only. I'd stay away from rings/bases that are Redfield style windage adjustable fashioned. I've seen them fail numerous times with much use on heavy recoil...
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    Contender Trigger Guard?

    At a trip to the range this afternoon I discovered that my T/C Contender will not fire. Close inspection revealed that the trigger guard is not closing upon which I discovered the wings that abut the guard screw are broken and missing. This is the problem keeping the gun from firing. Can the...
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    Unit 17 - Help and Advice

    In the same vein as stid, here is a pic of GMU 17 no-seeums. If I could figure out how to make the pic larger you'd get a much better impression of the several hundred no-seeums in this photo...
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    Receiver sights for Ruger?

    I have a Williams mounted on a M77 and like it a lot. It has micrometer adjustments and is very lightweight, as it uses aluminum construction. You will have to drill and tap the side of your receiver (2 holes) to mount it, but otherwise it is a great aperture sight. It just looks right...
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    Wyatt's Magazine Box ?

    I am considering installing a Wyatt Extended Magazine Box for a Model 70 chambered in 7mm STW. Has anyone done this? Is there a trick to it, or it simple project for a mill? Have you experienced feeding issues afterwards? I appreciate you sharing your experiences with me.
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    Well, at least they look good!!

    One last pic.

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