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  • hi rob; sorry about the name problem...i don't always proof my notes. i will mail a check in the morning, but wonder if you figured out something on the .45 bullets? i have my trusty classic cast press " died up" and ready to go. infact i started sizing today.
    did you look up stuart edward white?
    hi rob; i just recieved your .45 brass......and it looks great! i can't believe it. this along with some that i found this will bring me to nearly 1000 which is worth my time to load. i sold a gold cup colt some time ago and now replaced it with a ruger sr1911. this is a nice pistol with most of the features found on kimbers. it shoots pretty good for me and holds about as tight as i can shoot.
    thank you for the brass, as an unusual gift this is.

    your friend.

    p.s. keep on posting with that .35 whelen.....the best non-magnum caliber ever invented.
    whoops! i am interested in your .45 acp bullets as well. are they sized and lubed ( i don't have a sizer ) ? do you want cash or trade? this is fun, like a gun show. let me know .
    hi ron; hey! do you own a .250-3000 ( .250 sav ) ? i have some new primed & unprimed brass left over from my 99 savage. i sold the gun and still have brass and dies. let me know.
    p.s. what are you guys doing with all the snow this year? i read some areas have 20'. so far we have lost most of our snow and have had a "warm" january. if we get by for another 2 weeks this will be a record mild winter. my ponies appreciate it, and wild life as well.
    Thanks again Ron, be assured that its no trouble and the brass is free, remnants from previous years. I also have 1500+ 200 SWC that are available if you think you're interested, but I'd have to dig them out to be certain.

    When the box arrives make sure everything is usable and then you can send me a check for shipping, but if you send me too much I won't cash the check--so SHIPPING only. I'm glad for someone to get good use out of them.

    Yeah I love the Whelen. It kills on one end and is easy on the other; pretty good combination IMO. I've no hesitation to take it anywhere in NA for anything in NA and while the bear from this past fall was not a "Kodiak" monster it was a large salmon fed bear in its prime of life--the Whelen just crushed him.
    hi ron; just another reply to your generous offer on the .45 brass. in good conscience i want to pay for you brass and trouble. this is a remarkable offer to a stranger....appreciated certainly, but remarkable. i am in your debt.
    p.s. reviewing some of your hunting pics you have been putting the excellent .35 whelen to good use. one of my favorite calibers, my custom 700 whelen is a shooter as well. it seem to favor 200 gr barnes x @ 2800 on my crono. thats hot, but NO PRESSURE SIGNS. it is an elk killer of the first water. i have "one shot" 7 elk with that rifle, and think it would work on "the great bears" as well.
    good hunting!
    I just realized that I had your name totally messed up as well. Sorry about that John. I'll get it straight from here on; I promise. We moved recently and I uncovered the SWC, but they need to be sized and lubed. I need to set up the 450 and get that done and then I'll have an accurate count (probably around 1500) to offer you.

    Sorry again about the name,

    I been disabled for 17 years. Don't think I will be hunting any where but Florida. Just can't afford the outfitters. My dream hunt is for Elk or a nice Mule deer
    I did tons of research on whether i should go with 338-06 or the 35 whelen. and i decided that based on the face that 338 bullets have higher BC and more sectional density in the same weight of bullets i should go with 338-06.
    Also i figure that if these two calibers travel at moderate speeds then the extra penetration of the 338 bore is better suited then a bigger frontal area. i thought i would not wanna be stock with a rifle that sends the bullet at moderate speed and doesnt penetrate as well. Besides on of the main reasons for going 338-06 is the cases. I can just buy 06 cases and open them up 3 calibers more and boom you got nice looking cases for the 338-06.
    Got a 338 win mag and then reduce the load, But i figured that at a reduce load it was giving poor accuracy. Tried different loads and bullets and the best i could get with the reduced load was a 2.7" MOA at 100 yards (if i recall correctly). And it still used like 5 grains more then the top loads in the 338-06.
    The rifle i am building is a a Mauser action Remington model 798. it is a 30-06 now but. I am having it rebarreld to a 25 inch barrel. Also i have asked the gunsmith to change the recoil pad to a limbsaver or a pachmyre, which ever that fits better. And he is gonna put a few spacers on the stock of the rifle to increase the length of pull by 1 inch. Also do a new gloss cover or whatever its called on the metal of the rifle.
    So i am pretty excited about this. The gunsmith is a friend of my father and is in Canada, so its gonna take a few months to get here. which i cant wait for haha.(i am originally from Canada)
    Hey Rob

    I am studying accounting now. they are distance courses and are quite difficult, more then i imagined them to be haha. no matter, i think or i am hoping that i can finish them in a year or so and get my accounting degree.
    Are you also an student yourself?
    I see that you got and load the 338-06 huh :) I am a fan of this caliber and think its gonna be a fun one to shoot and hunt with, but its costing me an arm and a leg just to get it done. so far 1600 dollars give or take.

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