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    Load Data

    I am looking for load data for the 375 Ruger. I want info on using 260gr Accubonds and RL 17 powder specifically. If anyone has the info for this or has access to ballistic software to look one up please let me know.
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    Older Tundra's

    I have no snow machine experience but I have a chance to buy package deal of 2 late 90's Tundras with a 2 place trailer. One has just been overhauled and is in new condition and the other is his wifes machine and has 300 and some miles on it (basically new). Both are one owners and look...
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    PM sent to Murphy

    Murphy I sent you a PM if you get a chance.. Thanks
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    Buying a used snow machine

    I am looking for a used snow machine for hunting and ice fishing. I have little to no experience with these and would appreciate advice of what to look for and any models to stay away from. Also I would like to be able to pull a sled. Thanks for any help..
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    Scope for new Ruger 375

    I am trying to decide on a scope power for my new 375 Ruger. I am looking at the Leupold VX III but can't decide which one 1.5-5 or 1.75-6 or as high as the 2.5-8. Any suggestions? Now if I only had ammo!!
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    Savage 375 H&H Alaska Guide Rifle

    Has anyone on this site had the chance to shoot one of these yet? I picked one up at the store to look at and I couldn't believe how light it was. I think they have a winner of an idea but I'm not sure of the quality. Any hands on experience with these would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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