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  • 4merguide gave me your name as an avid diver. I live near Anchor Point and am trying to FINALLY get into diving up here. Got all my own gear (though tanks will need re-certs). Been diving for 20ish years but just never got hooked up here. Do you go with a specific charter?
    Tony congrats on that great bull! I have spent 9 days in the woods so far, and have yet to see a bull. Hunted 411, 413, 418, and 425. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Can you offer any advice? My email is [email protected] or cell phone 223-2877. Thanks..Steve
    I fixed my settings so I should be able to receive EMAIL'S from you in the future. Let me know if you still have trouble for some reason though.
    Hey let me know if you get my pm cuz my internet really sucks over here and im not sure if they are sending.
    Thanks Tony. Would like to call you if you have some time. I have a group of 6 Law Enforcement Officers from forida going on our first big hunt and would like to ask some do's and don'ts.
    TONY MY PLEASURE TO BRING THE FLAG DOWN. hope you get out there and get some deer. post the story of the trip and pix of your deer. don't forget the call.
    enjoyed the chat we had . take care. Pat
    Thanks for the info Tony! I'm all about meat too, I shot a 56 incher out of Tok in 2006, gave my buddy the antlers but kept all of the meat, 500 pounds worth! Sometime the hunts happen easy and fast, makes up for so many of the hard lean days where weather or other conditions work against us.

    Good luck this season, be safe and enjoy the hunt!

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