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  • Summer Banners are Here!

    Hi folks,

    We change our our banners (the images at the top of our pages) every quarter. We just installed our Summer 2013 banners and wanted to invite all of you to tour the rest of the site so you can see them. These images all come to us through our team of professional and semi-pro photographers,who have graciously offered them to showcase their work. This summer's banners come to us from Sam Amato, Cory Kittle, and Tracey Harmon. If you are interested in seeing more of their work, and possibly in purchasing images from them, you are welcome to contact them directly. Each of them has some fantastic artwork for sale, which would make a great addition to your home or your office. Visit the Our Photographers page for direct links to each of them, and their online galleries.

    If you are a photographer and are interested in showcasing your work here, please contact us directly. Just send a PM to me by clicking on THIS LINK.

    If you have not yet toured the site, you may do so by clicking on the main categories at the top of the page. By all means explore those sections! Lots of valuable content there for your use. Here are our main sections:


    NOTE: If you are not seeing the new banners, refresh your browser. Web browsers usually cache images to decrease page load time. Refreshing or clearing your browser cache takes care of this and you will be able to see these stunning new images.

    SECOND NOTE: Our main site navigation relies on pull-down menus, but this does not work in the forums, or the store. To view the depth of our content, you have to visit the main part of the site. Simply roll over a category and the menu will pop down, allowing you to click on content within that section. In some cases, if you roll down through the pages on the menu, a side menu will pop out to the right, showing additional content. A great example of this is our Charter Fishing page, which is accessed by rolling over Activities, then down to Fishing, then over to Saltwater, and on to Charter Fishing. Also note that some sections contain side menus on the left, which take you to many other pages on the site, most of which are new within the last few months. A great example of this is our Float Hunting page, which contains six side menus to related groups of pages. You will discover hundreds of pages on Outdoors Directory that you never knew were here!

    Enjoy our site, and enjoy your summer!

    Michael Strahan
    Site Owner
    Alaska Hunt Consultant
    1 (907) 229-4501

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