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How can I go see a message that was left on an album of mine?

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  • Question How can I go see a message that was left on an album of mine?

    Today I got a message that was named something like an "album message" and also one unread private message. I selected the album message because I'd never seen one before. It wanted me to approve/disapprove the message, so I tried to approve it and somehow flubbed it. I hit my browsers back button and again tried to approve it and succeeded.

    I next wondered which of two similar user ids that I'd seen before was the sender, so I could respond to their questions, and I can't find their message anywhere, not in Display Options, not in any Jump to Folder, and not in any folder I look through. And not in my album and not on that picture.

    Where is my message? How do I click over to it?

    Sorry if this is a dumb question but I've tried and I can't find it anywhere.

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you look at your buff picture, is it there? It shows up on my screen...
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      Here is the fix:

      You do click on Albums.

      Then you see my buff pic and yes you do see my buff picture and no comment.

      Then for some reason you click on that same version of my buff picture ( which looks just like the last buff picture you just clicked on) and no comments still; but then you scroll down and this time there is a comment below.

      That is the way to see this message. I failed to make the 3rd click. Thanks hunt_ak


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