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Webmaster: what about using the reputation feature?

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    yes they do, it all relates back to the spelchecker... And I don't thenk it's very funny joke...


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      I think I'll wait on the reputation feature

      At this point, I think I'll wait on the reputation feature, but I'm not dead set against it for future deployment. There are some other things we're working on, and this one is going to be on the back burner for a while.

      One of the projects we are working on that is now nearing completion is a revised webshop. I'm really impressed by this shop. It's going to make it a lot easier for those of you who are looking for Alaska books and video. We're carrying OVER 100 items already, some of which you won't find anywhere else on the web.

      Our current webshop has all of these 100+ products, but has some limitations that the new shop blows right through. I'll post a note when it's operational.



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        Reputation feature thoughts...

        I've had quite a bit of experience with vBulletin forums recently. Most mods don't enable the reputation feature because it CAN become very negative VERY quickly. One good implementation I've seen can be found at - They call reputation points "Frubals" and I don't believe users can take frubals away...only give. Depending how many frubals and posts a user has, affects how many frubals they can give at one time and per day.

        Eventually some long time posters have a ridiculous number of frubals (millions) and some that don't care to "play" with the system have very few. It can lead to some interesting threads with folks literally begging for frubals, and it's as much a social thing as anything.

        Personally, I subscribe to the reading-the-posters-other-posts method to determine credibility, but it is a nice ego boost to have someone give you 1000 frubals when you make a good point in a debate or give some particularly useful information.

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