How do you make your title bold?



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  • How do you make your title bold?

    I cant figure this one out for the life of me
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    I have never figured that out either, so I'll be watching to see if anyone can tell us how to do it.
    P.S.: I sent an email to your office a couple of days ago.
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      Like so?

      Title or the body of text within the thread? The title of the thread would only be bold when the thread is brand new. I've played with bolding the title and can't find a code to make it work, perhaps just not possible.


      Normally I would drop in the html code, however html is disabled here. I have a few ideas though I'll try them and post back.

      So, in your post, making the text bold would look like this [b]text[b/]


      Here is the link to ALL text modification code
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        Your title will be bold for everyone that hasn't read the thread since the last post. For example, the title of this thread should be bold for you, since people have posted on it since you have read it.

        After read it, the title will go back to normal font.


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