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  • Gun politics....

    I would like to see a Forum section dedicated to the discussion of the political-firearms opinions of our site members, rather than have those views intruding into other sections dedicated to specific topics.

    Not everyone here is a right or left winger, or wants to be harangued by ideologues about their total belief in a particular world view. We are a very diverse lot, and the discussion of these views is important, but they are political opinions, and are off-topic for dedicated forums.

    I would like to see a dedicated section for these political-firearms discussions.

    How about it, Michael?

    Happy Trails.

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    I Don't Agree

    It may not be as enjoyable to some as discussing ballistics and caliber selection...but if we DON'T continue to be vigilant about our rights and the political atmosphere around firearms at the moment, the only thing we'll have to discuss is the good old days, when we could acquire and use firearms of our choice. The time is long past, when we could ignore this aspect of firearms ownership and use, without losing some of our rights.


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      My opinion...

      There's hardly enough posting activity in the shooting forums to warrant an entirely separate board for the political side. Guns are political and in this day even more so than ever. If one doesn't want to read about the laws being written to take guns away from the people, then don't open the threads with political titles.

      I don't particularly want to read about 1911's or what gun is good for bears. Asking the admin to make separate boards for those seems kinda silly. I just skip over most of those threads.
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