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  • Rep points?

    Why is it that the only way that i have gotten rep points is when i said something sarcastic? Not that i give a squat about the points anyway. I'm trying to play the game. Tell me the story. Am i too old?

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    Trouble is..

    Originally posted by pa18tony View Post
    Why is it that the only way that i have gotten rep points is when i said something sarcastic? Not that i give a squat about the points anyway. I'm trying to play the game. Tell me the story. Am i too old?
    My opinion - in general the rep points are (were) pretty popular in the General discussion forum. Many (not all) of the more specific forums have folks that are either unaware, or don't care about the rep system.

    Or, it could be that your strong point is sarcastic comments!

    Good luck!


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      Because the rep point system is flawed. It is nothing more than a high school popularity contest. Posts of substance and helpful responses are largely ignored. Most rep points are given out in the GD forum for saying something political or funny that other people agree with. I predict that the system will mostly fade from use and all but disappear from the informational forums. In other words, don't worry about it. It means nothing.
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        Rep Points

        Rep Points: I spit in your general direction.

        Sarcastic enough?... this thread is destine for a place in the GD. But I couldn't resist.
        I'm going to ctrl-alt-delete you so hard your mama's computer is going to reboot.


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          I agree that it means nothing but Why ? Come on uncle Mike!


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            Why is a good Question taken out of text?


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              Now ya got me going.


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                Please dont give me any sympathy points! I just wanted to point out that rep points are a joke.


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                  My State of the State Address Says Rep points are a joke.


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                    tony - Thanks for the feedback. We've been experimenting with ways to reward positive forum contributions, and this system was one such option. It hasn't worked perfectly, but we're still tinkering a bit. We do take this feedback seriously, though, so thanks for sharing.


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                      The point of points...

                      We looked at other sites that use the reputation system and it has been successful elsewhere, so we thought we'd give it a try. What does "successful" mean? Well, to me it means that new users can see a person's reputation and associate that with forum longevity and post quality. It gives a person with high reputation a measure of credibility to new members who don't know everyone yet.

                      When we first launched the rep system we mentioned that it might be associated with increased privilege (larger PM box, access to certain forums, etc.). As a result, rep points became a form of currency, and a handful of folks hijacked the whole system by awarding "bling" to their friends for almost any kind of post- funny, sarcastic, politically incorrect, etc. It was a real mess.

                      Thankfully, some members understood what we were trying to do and awarded points for the kinds of posts we were looking for.

                      But because of the initial problems, we decided to devalue the currency by not letting reputation count toward more privilege, and by not allowing reputation to be awarded in the Global Discussion, Religion/Politics, and Forum Tips areas (we're dealing with a technical issue there, but it's coming). Hopefully this will turn the issue around so reputation points will really mean something to new members. Of course, because so many points were given to silly posts, the system is skewed right now. Our hope is that over time it will come into alignment. The alternative was to take all rep points away and restart, but that would have ignited a firestorm.


                      So we'll keep trying it for a bit, hoping it will be helpful for new members.

                      If you're still receiving rep points for sarcastic, silly, politically incorrect posts, it just means that the person awarding those points is continuing to sabotage it. Hopefully they'll catch on soon. If not, well, we will have to deal with that.

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                        I for one am glad to see the changes.


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                          Rep points are good,

                          just look at how bejewled Bushrat is with rep points! Hell if he were Tlingit, that guy would be CHIEF!

                          I don't know why people wanna poo poo the rep point system, but I like it...let's newby's know who's in the know & who's just spouting off...


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                            lol mike did you say "bling"??? whud up wid dat thug?! lol
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                              Rep points?
                              To what end?
                              I see I have 69 , can I cash them in now??? LOL!!
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