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  • How to post a poll

    1. Click “New Thread”

    2. In the “Post New Thread” window, type a title for the poll, and type in a message. This would be a good place to clarify the guidelines of the poll, since you won’t get the chance to do that later.

    3. If you want to attach a photo to your thread, do so at this time (see the “How to Post a Picture” thread in this forum for instructions on how to do that if you’re not sure).

    4. Click the “Post a Poll” checkbox in the “Additional Options” window. Also, select how many options you want folks to have by typing a number from 1-10. The most options you can have is 10.

    5. Click “Submit New Thread”. This takes you to another page where you are going to set up your poll.

    6. In the “Post a Poll” window, type in a name for your poll. NOTE: You don’t have to type in the word, “Poll”; the software will do that automatically for you.

    7. Fill in the fields for your poll options at this time. If you need more fields or less fields, you can change the number in the “Number of poll options” area and then click “Update Options”.

    8. Select the number of days you want the poll to run, in the “Poll Timeout” window. If you don’t want it to close, select “0”.

    9. Check the appropriate boxes in “Miscellaneous Options”.

    10. Click “Submit New Poll” to post the poll.

    11. Don’t forget to vote on your poll! Once you vote, you’ll be able to see how the voting is going, but will be unable to vote again on that poll. Note: Your vote will appear in italics when you look at it later.

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