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....where's the General Discussion forum?

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  • ....where's the General Discussion forum? I going nuts? Or did there used to be a General Discussion forum?

    ....were people abusing it?

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    Never mind.....

    I found it. Wasn't coming up on my screen for some reason....


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      Test post -- it's been 24 hours, can't seem to get my first post approved in the General discussion area.....
      In our desire to impose form on the world and our lives we have lost the capacity to see the form that is there;
      and in that lies not liberation but alienation, the cutting off from things as they really are. -- Colin Gunton


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        The General Discussion forum is open only to Members. It's easy to be a member...just stick with us for a few weeks and get in the flow of conversations and before you know it, you'll automatically be promoted from Registered User to Member. The software does the work.

        More than a year ago we realized that we were having a lot of problems with threads on the General Discussion forum showing up on Google etc. We decided to make that forum Members only and invisible to the search engines. We wanted to make sure that our Members have an outdoors interest and are willing to be part of the community.

        So....welcome! Hang with us for awhile, and you'll be able to join the conversation there , too!



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          I've made a few post replies in the General Discussion forum, and got a reply stating a Moderator would need to approve them. A couple of them were made 2 days ago.....yet they aren't posted.

          Can someone explain this please? If I'm doing something wrong, I'd like to be made aware of it. If I'm not allowed to participate in the General Discussion Forum I just like to know so I won't keep typing replies that disapear.

          I'd made a couple other posts in the Trapping Forum, they worked fine.



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            Again, it's the issue that David alluded to above - we have a graduated membership system that requires you to be here for a month and have 10 posts before being a member. As for the moderator approval needed for the posts, that's not a system we really use. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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              No problem here, and I understand your reasoning. I read the FAQs, but didn't find an answer (not to say it isn't there....I just couldn't find it). I was just more concerned I was staying within the rules of the forum.

              Thanks for the reply!


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