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  • Emoticons?

    It has been suggested that we allow emoticons (smilies) in the forums here. In a earlier discussion of the subject with a few forum members, the consensus seemed to be that they were not helpful.

    What do you think? Should we have emoticons? Why? Or..why not?

    Emoticons are useful, let's have them
    Smilies are not helpful, don't include them
    I don't care one way or the other

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    Emoticons, to me, make up for the lack of body language and voice tone you dont see or hear over the internet. They help get the point acrost so the reader has a smaller margin of error when interpreting the posts too. Besides that I think fishNphysician really hit nail on the head in the other emoticon thread.


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      No thanks

      Or, as my daughter would say, "Ookum pucky."

      They don't add much, and it's surprising how much better people write when they don't have the smilie face as a crutch.

      I mostly joined up here because of the good info and good tone to the debate. But one small part of it was that people on this board usually take the time to actually write what they mean. I've browsed other forums where you can't make out words among all the emoticons, images, and shorthand.

      This is better.


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        Forums & Age Of Members

        I am a member of half a dozen forums and a moderator on one. Many of these forums have had age polls, and it wasnt surprising to see the younger members typing instant messenger type post and using the smilie as a crutch. Members with more years under their belt used the emoticons in a more appropriate manner and where they are needed. What side of the spectrum do you think this forum would be one? There are a few members I see using <grin> and other gestures that an emoticon could replace.

        I really doubt the quality of writing will evaporate with the adition of emoticons. A good number of members on this forum are very well read and have a knack for banging out their thoughts. I really believe a smilie hear and a there will NOT make the forum quality go south.

        Those are just my thoughts. If David decides to keep the forum the way it is, I can tell you I wont loose any sleep at night. Either way this forum will still be a place I will continue to visit on a daily basis. Its just a small feature of forums that I enjoy.


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          I'm with Water-gremlin, I think they are very helpful.
          “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.” attributed to Thomas Jefferson


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            All for them. They give some post charactor. Without them some of these post would be lost. :rolleyes:
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              Emoticons help relay a message with fewer words than would otherwise be needed and they allow a form of body language that is obviously missing in computerized chat. Let's do it! I would still take the time to express myself adequately if emoticons were allowed.
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                Why not?

                Im for emoticons,i mean why not have them?


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                  I like them. It's easy enough to import them from other places though! I see now that we have them available.

                  Even though some peoples posts make me feel sick,

                  There's very little flaming going on, and only an occasional every now and then.

                  In general, I really like this forum and find it full of good guys and useful information with very little .


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                    gud riting

                    In today's fast paced world of hi-tec the long lost world of writing is disappearing. Our kids are growing up on computer shorthand and emoticons. I personally don't care if someone uses them, but I see them as a crutch for properly gettting your point across. I am certainly not a professional writer but it does disappoint me that it is difficult for a large number of people to accurately write what they want to say. Why is it more important for kids to learn the million and three functions of Excel but not how to write an actual letter to Grandma. Sorry to get off base just a small pet peeve. I don't care if others use them but I wont.


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                      I tried them once with personal e-mails and didn't like how they seemed to infiltrate other documents. That may have been an isolated anomoly but removed them.

                      If our esteemed webmaster chooses to add them, I probably won't use them, but I don't mind seeing others use them.


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