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  • Too many forums!

    Y'all win the booby prize for most useless and worthless forums. You guys should take to heart the old adage 'quality vs quantity.' Bunch of useless forums that nobody uses. I 'love' scrolling for days to get to forums people actually post-up in and read. Yes-you can click the little button to compress the useless forums, until you clear your history.

    Please, assign someone the objective task of removing useless forums. Matter of fact, I'll take that duty if you wish.


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    If I don't like what is on TV I either change the channel or turn the TV off.

    Just sayin'.
    “Move that fat ass Henry!”
    “Don’t swing your balls or you’ll swamp the boat!"


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      Specific forums are helpful if you're here for a specific reason. Personally, I like it.

      If you are just entertaining yourself with outdoors banter try using the 'New Posts' button at top left. Its a list of 'New Posts' and you won't have to scroll for days. Works well.


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        I find a lot of things interesting though I do not comment on them all.
        I like aviation but I am not a pilot and only enjoy what is being said ,not that I have any thing to add.
        I like hunting and reading others experiences though I have not been able to hunt in years .
        It might be vicarious to enjoy others adventures but it is never a waste.
        I have been poster on survivalist boards and their subjects are quite broad . though I have little to contribute, again I learn something.
        I am not here often but just about every time I visit I learn something.


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