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  • Is this liget?

    Received an email that supposedly came from AK Outdoors forum explaining that I needed to change my password.

    "To provide increased security for our members, we have upgraded our member account system.

    The upgrades include separating User Administration Accounts from the forum system. This means you can log out of your account management area without logging out of the forums."...(etc)
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    The short answer is yes, it is legit. This is something that Michael Strahan has been working on for a while, and he will be able to give you a more complete answer than I can. The basic deal as I understand it is that we are making some changes on the back end that will make our site more secure and part of that process is supposed to require our members to change their password. That said, it seems like our tech guy might have found a work-around and that you won't have to change it after all. Frankly, there are going to be a few curve balls that we don't anticipate, but for now if your current password is working, just keep using it.


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      Thanks Brian!
      “Move that fat ass Henry!”
      “Don’t swing your balls or you’ll swamp the boat!"


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        Thanks for your patience, folks! We installed a piece of software between the forums and our payment gateway. It solves a huge issue for us that relates to manual registrations. Some of you may remember a while back, we allowed folks to self-register on the site. The software of the day didn't allow the system to distinguish between legitimate users and spammers, so we locked it down and cleaned out over 30,000 spam accounts from our system. At the same time, we went to manual registration. This meant that we were receiving emails from every new member who wanted in. It's a ton of extra work.

        The new system allows paid members immediate access, and throttles down the free members to processing once a week during business hours. Of course, we're also hoping to drive more participation to our Supporting Member program at the same time. At any rate, when we switched to the new system, we had to import the entire forums user database. As a means to protect your privacy, the import strips out all user passwords, which requires you to log in and reset your password. It's a bit of an inconvenience on the short haul, but in the long run things are going to run much more smoothly. It's essential that we stay on top of things like this, as the site continues to grow. Traffic is through the roof, and we'd like to leverage some of it to pay the bills. Last year we hit 2.4 million viewers, which meant that we picked up close to 100,000 new viewers of the site. We'd like to see some of those folks join up!

        We've been working on this for a couple of months, but have been somewhat delayed as I have had to attend to a serious health issue my wife is experiencing. At any rate, so far it seems to be going off fairly smoothly.

        If anyone is interested in the Supporting Member program, we've outlined the whole thing AT THIS LINK. We know that some of you just want to give something back to the site as a gesture of goodwill, and we really appreciate that. At the same time, I want to make sure you're getting your money's worth, and so I am constantly adding perks to the program. Right now we're working on a discount program for Supporting Members, which will include discounts in our store, and at outdoor goods and service providers around the state. We've also got a map program that will knock your socks off. That should launch shortly. Trust me, you will really like this program.

        Thanks again for your patience during this latest phase of our site growth!

        Best regards,

        Michael Strahan
        Site Owner
        Alaska Hunt Consultant
        1 (907) 229-4501


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