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    Hi folks,

    Bushrat made a good point; some of us are sporting new Avatars now, thanks to Doctor Johnson's efforts at websmithing. For the unwashed, Avatars are those little images that appear just in front of your name, as in my High School yearbook photo that appears before my name in this post.

    Avatars may be just about any square image (if you try to post a larger image or a rectangular one, only part of it may post). Avatars may also be animated.

    NOTE: Avatars that are considered inappropriate for this website will likely incur The Wrath of Dave. Don't go there. :eek:

    Here's how to post an Avatar:

    1. To post an Avatar, you need a suitable image. You can do a google search for Avatars, or create your own. For me it's easiest to post the image on my desktop so I can find it when it's time to post it. Do this and go to the next step.

    2. Click on "User CP" (stands for User Control Panel)

    3. In the left-hand column you will see your control panel. This is where you go to edit your signature line, email address, profile, etc. Click on "Edit Avatar".

    4. In the Avatar window, you have the choice to not use an Avatar (this is the default setting). Alternatively, you can click "Use Custom Avatar". Click this button.

    5. If the Avatar you are using is posted online, you can enter the URL for it in the window provided. If you've saved the image to your desktop, click "Choose File" to navigate to the image.

    6. Once you've selected the image, click "Save Changes". That's it!

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    Nice to see this feature enabled. Got my avatar posted tonight.... or is that this morning?
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      Like this, maybe?
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        I got lucky somehow.

        I tried a dozen times to use a picture from my ( my pictures file ) and it kept saying down load failed. I checked some old posts to see and sure enough there was no avitar. I finally gave up and when I got home from work I logged on and see that I now have an avitar. ?????????

        I am not very computer smart and actually was trying to do this as practice working with digital photos. I'll be getting my first digital camera soon and I feel a tremendous learning curve comeing.


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          animated avatars

          I'm having trouble with some of my animated avatars actually showing up as animated.... Is there a specific file type that it needs to be in order to actually be animated? I open it with several different programs on my desktop and it works fine....I download it here and it shows as a still photo. My most recent one was a .gif file. :confused:

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            Mud all I did was right click on the animation and then properties. Once there I click copy. The paste it to my avatar. I Must of got lucky or something
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              AlaskaGray's method will work..unfortunately a lot of sites change the addresses of their avatars regularly to combat them being "hi-jacked".

              Best way to do it is to right click and save in your photo's...then transfer it to photo-bucket or similiar hosting website....
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