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Attention Alaska Artisans and Product Manufacturers!

If you are an Alaska-based Artisan, Crafstman, Author, or Product Manufacturer, or any local business offering products available for sale, we welcome you to add a listing to the AOS Directory. Basic listings are free, and include a summary of your business, physical address, 1 photo and an email address.
Paid listings are being offered through a special promotion: $150/year includes a Featured Directory listing, a link to your website, phone number, email address and a forum welcome announcement linked to your directory listing. We look forward to presenting Alaska products to our audience! Please send an email message to if you would like to submit your listing or receive additional information.
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  • Question Subscribe to a forum

    What does it mean to subscribe to a forum?

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    Originally posted by Eatsleepfish View Post
    What does it mean to subscribe to a forum?
    So sorry to have missed this question! Basically whenever you initiate or reply to a thread, you are automatically notified by email whenever a new post appears. This allows you to monitor activity you are interested in without having to return to that thread continuously to see if there are replies. You should get an email notification as a result of this post. If you don't, or if you have further questions, drop a note to Brian M; he's our chief forum administrator and he can help you with this.


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