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  • A few posts vanishing

    Over the last couple of weeks I have seen where a few of my posts (three?) have vanished from a thread. After hitting the submit button, the post appears on the thread below the other posts as it should. I go off for a few hours, come back to check the thread for other posts and my post is gone.

    The last time this happened was this morning. One post on a fishing thread worked fine. Another post on a remote living thread is gone.

    I have gone into the user CP and looked at all my posts and found that the few posts in question do not appear in the list of all my posts.

    It has happend for a system running IE and a system using Chrome.

    It's probably all on my end of things, but since it started just two weeks ago or so I am curious if anyone else is having the same experience.

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    I have had a couple in the last couple weeks as well. I just figured they got removed with other post when the mods are cleaning up. I did think it odd as they where not geared toward anyone in any bad way. I don't know?


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      Sorry guys. I will get our admin or tech guy to look at this and see if he can troubleshoot the problem for us. Hopefully they can find the quick fix and make it work.


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        For those interested in this issue I have gone through my posts on four other forums and found a few missing posts over the last two weeks. Two of the forums use software other than vBulletin.

        So this is not an AOD issue, but might be something to do with how the user's system is processing data within some sub program.


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          I'm not sure why they would disappear, though if it is happening elsewhere you may be right in that it might not be a problem with AOD's system. As for deleting posts, I usually will either do a "soft delete" where a note is left in place of the deleted post or I'll send a PM to the user with an explanation. The exception is sometimes there are threads where the entire direction of the thread has gone down a road that wasn't intended because of a post or two that was in violation of the forum rules. In that case sometimes I'll delete a mass of posts all at once and not leave individual notes so as to not clutter the thread.


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            Something strange is going on.... I have gotten a "new PM" notification several times for a particular PM even though I read it quite a while ago and have been in and out of the forum several times. Kinda glitchy...

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