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  • Photography as a "Hobby" .. .. ..

    .. .. turned into quite a lucrative business.. 33 countries from around the world visited our gallery on 4th ave in Anch. in 2003. We now sell our images to over 50 countries world wide.

    HOW TO KEEP WARM; when hunting outside for many hours in the cold,
    Eskimo's have "tricks" they use to keep warm, many tricks, that work, that can save your life, when stuck in remote places in sub zero temps. Especially when "frostbite" sets in. what do you do ? there are many opinons.. ! ha!..but I know from too much experience, that the Eskimo ways work very well, time tested for thousands of years.

    ..."THIS IS why your nose "runs" so much when it is cold out, USE IT!"
    when your hands are so cold, hurting, and you can't get warm, take your gloves OFF, blow your nose into your hands as much as you can and rub it all over, now put your gloves back on, INSTANTLY, your hands are toasty warm, they WILL NOT HURT, when they warm up, using this method. and THEY WON'T GET COLD, for the rest of the day! do not try this in damp enviorments .. .. such as East Coast of U.S. it has the opposite effect.

    Many miles out on the ocean ice, during a sacred bowhead whale hunt.
    Are you cold ? grab that hacksaw, see those caribou ribs? FROZEN, cut slices that are thin, small, and swallow them whole, FILL YOUR STOMACH.
    Your stomach is going to have to "work very hard" to digest all the frozen meat or fish. This is "quaq". You will begin to push out "body heat" the likes of what you have NEVER EXPERIENCED in your life. Your gonna get "hot", all over. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS and stay in side. your gonna be hurting.. bad! At 30 below we are taking clothes off, We get too hot!
    Raw frozen fish or caribou meat. It works.

    Now for the rest of your body. Of course what you wear is very important also. But dirty clothes cannot keep you warm, Air, in many loose layers it "trapped", by using many loose layers, Long Johns ? No! they are too tight! Basicly everyone in the Arctic dresses the same.

    After basic under garments. T-shirt or 2 very loose, 2 - good flannel shirts, hooded sweat shirt, spring jacket, then final eskimo parky.
    bottom . after basic undergarments perhaps most important for keeing you warm is pair of gym shorts, then sweat pants loose then jeans then ski-pants. bunny boots are unsurpased in keeping your feet warm and toasty no matter what the conditions.

    I have used a Mamiya RB 67 since 1973. I am not too keen on digital because I am from the old era of film. I have been processing my own color for many decades and I had to melt snow to obtain the precious water when I went on a bowhead whale hunt in Point Hope of 1982.
    I had no water source at all, other than "snow"! here are a few pic's

    I came to this village in 1981 as an electrican to wire two construction camps. A three week job. When the job finished I quit the company and stayed here.. Our backyard is larger than most states and some countries!

    200 miles above the arctic circle in Point Hope Alaska is vast wide open empty region.. .. "or is it ?" Bush pilots report seeing strange things up here that if I were to tell you. You simply would not believe this could be true!

    These girls have been outside playing for "days" @ 30 below!

    How do you obtain "delicous fresh drinking water many miles out on the ocean ice?"

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    This is easily my favorite post of all time! Thanks.
    Science has a rich history of proving itself wrong.


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      Wow this was really cool very informative and warming. Thanks
      Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "HOLY **** WHAT A RIDE!!!"


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        Frozen Food.. .. .. .. Can save your life,

        ... and so can your nose! Frostbite, how do you fight it? use that stuff that is coming out of your nose! Kakiik (Kah keek) snot! Yuk! hey! Do you want to live ? then get some on your skin.. IT WILL NOT HURT YOU, how many tmes.. have you "swallowed" some ?

        In the Arctic. when a baby is suffering with a "blocked" up nose due to tooo much stuff in that babies nose.. that baby can't breathe correctly. The mother bends over and places her mouth OVER the entire nose, and sucks the stuff out, and then spits it out into the trash, INSTANTLY, that baby has relief!

        I don't know if many of you, have ever had to hop on a snow-machine when it is 50 below zero, and head into the wind, which is blowing at 70 mph, now drive 100 mph for 40 miles.. to get fresh water for drinking from the Kupak river, Delicous drinkng water.. .. .. ! But how do you get "delicious" FRESH drinking water when you are living many miles out on the OCEAN ICE ?

        When you have to drive, into the wind, at those temperatures, it is like someone is rubbing "razor blades" on your face, it really hurts! And it will show, how much it hurts, when the skin turns 'BLACK" frm dying and becoming frozen. It looks like someone held a propane torch to make "burn marks" all over that person's face.. THIS IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN if you don't use your kakiik, to PROTECT YOUR SKIN.. it will not hurt you, but it will save your life. and your skin.. "... .. .. this is why... your nose,,,runs so much in the cold weather.. LEARN HOW TO USE IT.. all over your face.. IF NECESSARY, but learn HOW... .. to use it! that, is going to require practice !

        it is only going to take ONE TIME.. for you, to be suffering.. before you WILL PUT GLOBS where you NEED to place/ put it.

        I have worked in prudhoe bay as an electrican many times. And a few times, people have "caught me" taking my gloves off., blowing a big huge "clam" into my hands, rubbing it in all over PUtting my gloves on and coming over to me and saying .. eeeewwwww! what's wrong with you.. ??ewww! I walk into the lunch room, & everone gets up and moves to the other table.. ha ha ha ha ha.!

        it wasn't long.. before half the crew. was doing the same thing.. to protect and warm up their hands.. HEY.. this REALLY WORKS! they all said and laughed, LATER. once they understood!

        Just make sure.. (looks around) NOBODY CATCHES YOU! ha ha ha.. they will never UNDERSTAND!.. until.. THEY are suffering.. !!

        When we go out to the ocean ice to live for two months on a whale hunt. We sleep outside, no tents @ 40 below!


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          Those are beautiful photos, the ones of the Native couple, the group, and the little girl. Over at the UAF library there are a great number of photographs that were taken years ago by the best photographers in Alaska. Yours reminded me of the photos at the library, except that the latter are B&W.


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            Very very good post...
            wonderful images.. great stories..
            Thankyou for the great advice on keeping warm and not suffering frostbite
            I recieved 3 bad ones this past week on my trip from Tok to Dawson city..
            I could have used your advice last week..ha ha..
            When you come to a fork in the trail, take it!

            Rentals for Canoes, Kayaks, Rafts, boats serving the Kenai canoe trail system and the Kenai river for over 15 years.


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              I have lots of incredible photographs and some.. ..

              Unbelieveable stories to post here. I am sure you will enjoy the Arctic, from the warmth of your home / office computer, lets take a journey out to the Ocean Ice and see how a whole community of 750 people survives out on the ocean ice gathering food.. .. just to eat!

              My very first trip, out to the Lead Opening, 3-4 miles out on the ocean ice. I was CONVINCED beyond any shadow of doubt, then when we finally arrived at the camp. I was convinced that when I opened this camera case, all the lenses would be "shattered" glass from the crashing of the sled as it went over these small 3 foot hills and came crashing down. This 4 mile journey out to the lead opening took many hours. I have the flu! what a wonderful way to begin the day. I am sick, very sick, so sick. I froze the flu and was 100% better the next morning, After sleeping outside!

              Many miles out on the ocean ice, whaling camps are usualy set up 1/2 - 3/4 miles apart, we are 3 - 4 miles out on the Ocean ice. The tents are for the women who do the cooking, the hunters stay down at the lead opening. The tents are 1/2 mile back on much safer ice. This is home for the next two months. Home sweet frozen Home!

              How? do you get delicious fresh drnking water? way out here on the frozen Ocean ? Melt snow ? yuk! Snow is melted to have water to "wash" with, dishes, utensils etc, even the plywood floor, but how do you obtain fresh delicious drinking water way out here?


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                Lets go around to some typical whaling camps.

                Some families stick close together out on the Ocean ice, but for the most part.. 18 crews are spread out along the lead opening many miles from one end to the other.

                Home sweet home. this is where we sleep, wait, watch, listen,& eat lots of good food! Fresh coffee, Tea, Hot chocolate, This is just the best time of year. We will be here. two months. Right here. outside!


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                  Originally posted by Majik Imaje View Post
                  Home sweet home. this is where we sleep, wait, watch, listen,& eat lots of good food! Fresh coffee, Tea, Hot chocolate,
                  Dying to know. Where do you get the delicious drinking water for the coffee, tea and hot chocolate?

                  Nice post and pics.


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                    Well Jimmy..

                    .. and to all those who read this.. I am a city boy. From Boston, and it took me a long time to catch on, as to how clever these people are and how one with nature and the whale they are.

                    Miles out on the ocean ice.. Fresh water is all around us. EVERYHWERE!, but it is frozen, and it has "salt" in it. We have to get the "salt" out!

                    The eskimo way!...wait! ha ha ha. take any big block or piece of ice and brush the snow off it. Place it upright, go do something, ha ha ha.! you have to WAIT!.. WATCH.. the sun will cause that salt to settle in that piece of ice and you can see it. NO! not that quickly! it takes time, but you can also speed up the process by putting that piece of ice on sand. yes we do bring sand out here. we can cut any size hole in the ice we want by using sand!

                    As the salt settles in that piece of ice and it becomes "clear" then you chip that ice .. horizontally and put the pieces in your kettle!

                    Delicous! Fresh water! we use snow.. .. to wash dishes and everything else. We make donuts from scratch way out here, now ? how do you get the dough to rise ? ha ha ha.


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                      I think this has been my favorite post yet!!

                      Thanks for sharing. Your stories remind me of some of the books I have read about whaling and living off the land...but, ahh, the pictures always tell a story better than any book can! Just ask any toddler, they skip right over the words, look at the pictures and turn the page!

                      I've got a friend who owns a bakery and makes doghnuts... I would love to have something to "question" him about... Please tell us more!

                      Keep it coming, Joshua


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                        Well thank you Bucknrut!

                        How does a woman get that dough to rise out on the ocean ice. sure the inside of the tent is warm, but drafty so she has to put that dough inside a bag. and then put that bag under her back and put her parky on. and stay inside the tent.. her body heat will make that dough rise just right!

                        The dough is carried inside the parky in the same manner as which a baby is carried, (amauk, apu, ) two eskimo words that describe how to carry a baby, inside the parky on a woman's or mans back. Oh yes. Men carry little infants also.

                        But I am going to tell you something .. .. that you will not believe!

                        Hand a three year old child, matches, bic lighter, an axe, rifles, ..

                        NOW.. "go to sleep" YOU! not him.. AND. let him.. do his JOB !

                        -=[A BOYER]=-

                        You just will not believe this !

                        If you go to Barnes & Noble book store, a BIG white coffee table type book, "Alaska's Arctic" this image of Jimmy Nash is on page 134 I think.

                        Jimmy is / was 3 years old, He was a "boyer" for a crew. Yes you heard me correctly, hand him matches, a lighter, an axe and a host of rifles, He stays with the women, at the tent. When the women go to sleep at night.

                        His job begins, Keep that wood stove fired up just right, small stips of sicpan have to be used, this is extremly flammable," Chop wood with an axe, melt snow, for washing out thermos bottles, wash dishes, WATCH the wind, in case it should shift. WATCH all over the place, for cracks in the ice. He knows what to do in case of polar bear attacks! WAKE EVERYONE UP!.. as quietly as possible. Melt Ice for making fresh coffee & Tea & hot chocolate, bring thermos bottles down to the lead opening.
                        He is very very busy all night long.. all by himself!
                        THIS JUST A CHILD!!....


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                          Out on the ocean ice.. wait & watch & wait.. .. .. .. ..

                          .. .. and watch & listen to the wind. and the ice.

                          Yawn.. what a beautiful day. Says Johnny K.

                          Oh yes.. that sun is just to bright bouncing all over all the ice. One side of your face is sweating and the other side is getting frost bit.
                          It takes about 10 hours for you to get the darkest tan of your life...

                          on your hands and face!


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                            That girl was almost thrown into the water.

                            This lady is very very lucky.. just after this photo was taken, two whaling captains came up to her and told her. put that camera away or we will throw it into the ocean. But (she pointed) HE.. is taking photographs ALSO.. they got very mad.. YOU.. don't know what your talking about they told her. HE asked for permisson from the Whaling Captains, The Bia, the Ira, The elders, the whaling commission. Who did you ask ?

                            Either leave the ice now. or you and that camera are going into the water. she finally smartened up and left.

                            You (strangers or visitors) can't just walk down to that lead opening. You must be part of a crew. You must be invited by a whaling captain only.


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                              Two Children... ... .. Playing Out!

                              WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO TODAY ? um ?


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