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outdoor live webcam???

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  • outdoor live webcam???

    Does such a thing exist??? Do I need a laptop on board my fishing boat in order to make this work? Looking to broadcast live outdoor action (fishing, etc. ) on my website from a camera mounted on my boat.
    Any suggestions for a good camera would be helpful!

    fishing isn't about life or death... it's more important than that.

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    Outdoor live webcams are not expensive. Simple external security cameras that have the necessary network connection built in can be found for under $100. Some even come with wireless 802.11 radios built in, but the range is limited to just a few hundred feet. The problem will be getting that signal from your boat to the internet. Depending on where you fish, you would likely need a satellite phone or some other (expensive) wireless device to keep the camera connected. ------ But I suppose you could do all your fishing in the harbor.


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      Most of my fishing will be on a river actually, and within cell phone range, etc. Do the security cameras have decent quality? How do I get the live video embedded into my website? Are there no cameras that have the computer & wireless internet built in, kida like a smart phone does?

      fishing isn't about life or death... it's more important than that.


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        Some of our security cameras are 1080p. That's pretty good resolution. They also do come with wireless network capability, but it's just the common 802.11b/g/n WiFi variety that is limited to a few hundred feet. Problem with cell phone connection is upload speeds. 3g isn't fast enough for 1080p. I doubt it's fast enough for 720p in most places. There are ways to upload short clips via a smart phone, but it wouldn't be live. I'm not sure how low rez you would have to go to make it a live feed, and that would only work if you have a 3g connection on the river. I can get cell reception on most of the Chulitna and Susitna Rivers, but data speeds are either profoundly slow or non-existent.

        I know there are lodges in the wilds of AK that have live feed cameras, but they're not using cell phone tech to get their signals. I'm sure you can make this happen with enough money though.


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