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  • Favorite Professional Alaskan Photographers

    I've just recently gotten into Alaskan photography and never realized how many Alaskan photographers there really were. I would have to say my favorite is yjimagery (, because the pictures don't seem over edited and they're from the bush- which I appreciate considering so am I. The prices are a little high, but oh if I had the money I would be spending it on something like that. I was just wondering if anyone else had some great reccommendations for quality professional photographers in Alaska? Or if not reccommending just a thought on who's your favorite? If you could include their website that'd be great. I love to look through online albums. I just can't get enough of Alaskan photography lately. My chocolate craving has been replaced.
    Lone Alaskan Gypsy
    Lover of arctic fox and northern lights.
    Reader of arctic runes. Alaskan storyteller. Handcrafted trinket trader. Grower of organic plants.
    Find me online at and at fairs, markets, and festivals around AK.

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    My site is in shambles at the moment and I am working on completely redoing the whole thing, but you can check it out anyways. I know what you mean about photos not being over edited. I do very little computer editing save for some noise reduction (which is a camera flaw) and very minor exposure tweaks. Good photographers will take the best picture in the field and rely on the computer far less. I hope you enjoy my pictures!


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      Favorites? Myself of course, lol.
      But two that stand out in my mind are Johnny Johnson and Myron Rosenberg. Johnson has the best wildlife and Rosenberg the best people and glaciers.


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        Ok I like the work of YJ imagery.

        Does he truly make that kind of money on these pictures though?


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