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  • Best Photo Ops near Anchorage

    This September will be my first time to Alaska and will be fishing in Kenai for a few days, but will have almost two days drive around and see things. I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction so that i can see some wildlife: Bears, Moose, Sheep, and maybe some Caribou and some great scenary and it be with 125 miles from Anchorage.


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    Some of the best moose viewing is right in Anchorage. I know that's odd, but they are hunted everywhere else, so there are plenty of them in town. Anywhere along the east edge of town is pretty good, but they also show up along the edges of city parks and even in the middle of 5th Avenue. Perhaps the same thing can be said for bears, but they are always harder to spot, and it doesn't matter where you are. Dahl Sheep are very commonly spotted 10-15 miles south of Anchorage. You will know if they are in viewing distance because of the dozens of cars stopped on the edge of the Seward Highway, and all the people will be dodging cars while packing fancy cameras. I think the better shot is all the crazy people milling about on the blacktop.

    Chances are you will not find a bear without flying somewhere, but you might get lucky. Thousands of other people do every year. What are going to be difficult is caribou in September. 125 miles to the north on the Glenn Highway will get you just to the edge of one of their migration routes. Probably as good a choice as any. And who knows you might find all the rest of the animals out that way as well.


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      If you going to be down on the kenai you might want to stop buy the Russian river. There should be a few bears still hanging out looking for salmon.It would probably be your best chance at seeing bears. Head up river to the falls just becareful because they will appear out of nowhere. I would suggest carrying some protection! Hillbilly


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        All the below images came from the Kenai in Sept 2009. Lovely area. Just drive to Homer and Seward and you will see plenty. Be sure to float the Upper Kenai for rainbows and dollies, fly fishing with beads is the game, great timing in Sept. Look at the website for Troutfitters. Great fly shop and guide service. A drift boat on the Upper Kenai would be a great idea in Sept. Google Troutfitter's of Cooper Landing. I spent two weeks during September the last two years on the Upper Kenai.

        Email if you have any questions.

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          sweet slideshow, thanks for sharing
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            awesome slide show. We will be fishing with Fish On Alaska Charters. 1.5 days of Silver Salmon fishing, 1 day of Trout fishing and 1 day of Halibut fishing if the weather is good. The Halibut trip is out of Homer. I think we might just stay on the Peninsula and try to see everything it has to offer. Also i really want to see the marine thing in Seward. Im just wanting to make see the most since im coming from the Gulf Coast of Texas. Thanks for the replies.


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              Dan is pretty spot on. I would drive 100 miles north to the Matanuska Glacier on the Glenn HWY.

              068 (2) by samamato375, on Flickr
              The farther north you go the more colors you will get. I think this was Sept 12th last year.


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                You can see Denali from several places in Anchorage. Earthquake park is good, also Arctic Valley. Needs to be a clear day though.


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