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Staying focused (pun intended)

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  • Staying focused (pun intended)

    I was just getting started to practice my new persuit of archery in the back yard. I had just flung the first shaft at the burlap bag target. Right after the first release this little (actually plump) fellow came out from under the deck. He stayed around for two sessions of 11 arrows and he was just under 10 yards away. It was real hard to stay focused on the burlap and not target this guy. Now I am not a shoot everything I can kinda guy. I am a hunter and rabbits are about the only thing that I plan on hunting with my bow but new to the sport and unsure if rabbit season is still open I decided to just shoot the burlap. After practice I got the camera out and shot this guy . Still getting used to my 17-200 and trying to be stealthy. The closer I was able to get the less I payed attention to alowing the camera to focus before closing the shutter all the way. Exspecting him to bolt rather than making sure I got the shot was a wierd reality when I downloaded the photos. Oh well morer to work on...

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