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    I have very limited knowledge regarding video cameras or cameras in general. I am interested in a camera which I can take pictures with as well as video tape some footage for all my future Alaska outdoor adventures. Ideally, the camera will be lightweight, small/easy to pack, durable, take a few minutes of footage at a time, take pictures, and have a good zoom feature. Oh, and of course college-student affordable!!!
    Suggestions? Ideas? Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Are you looking primarily for a still camera that takes video, or a video cam that takes decent stills? Neither will do the other very well on a 'college'

    I'm guessing that since you only need a few minutes of video at a time that you're looking for a still camera that takes video...if that's the case then here's a reply I posted from another thread...

    canon powershots are good

    sx110is $249

    sx10is $399

    sx1is $599

    the sx1is is pretty tempting....20x optical zoom, 4 frames per second, 1080p HD video, capture pics in RAW (for the folks that like to tinker with the pics afterwards), CMOS sensor.....oh baby!..... ....the first real 'do all' camera....take great pics and video, just have to deal with the AVCHD format if you wish to edit the footage......but if you have the right software and a hot computer you won't have an issue...

    just don't drop any of 'em in the water without the accidental warranty....

    I've been using the sx100is for 2 years now and will probably get the sx1is once this one craps out on me...well over 10,000 pics and still clicking...

    I really like the fact that you can use AA batteries instead of recharging, perhaps the other models offer this as well but it is really convenient for me....

    happy shopping...
    pull my finger....


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      Good help

      Thats what I was looking for, if only I can find one on a clearance rack lol. Thanks for the help


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