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  • complaint !!!!

    this isn't about anybody but about everybody even me i have just realized
    that when we are posting pictures of place it would be much nicer if we took the time to say where it is that we are looking at!!!!!!!!!!
    for example this is eureka mt monument looking down on the nelchina river

    and my picture aren't anything like you guys but i sit here with the wife and myself wondering what beautiful scenery we are looking at
    thanks guys

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    Good point, and I agree 100%. It is really nice to get some idea of where the image came from. My imagination runs wild when I see images posted here with no info attached. The prettier the scene, the more I think about where it is. Often I will shoot a pm to the poster if I really want to know. People are always happy to give this info if you ask.

    By the way, that is a nice image you posted. Is that a Gransfors Bruks axe on the four wheeler? Nice rig.
    The two loudest sounds known to man: a gun that goes bang when it is supposed to go click and a gun that goes click when it is supposed to go bang.


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      i dont know

      Hey Dan i have no idea what kind of axe it is probably walmart special
      but now the shovel behind it is custom made steel handle all the way
      so if stuck i can have the wife winch as i hold it as an anchor to pull my self out ant thanks i like the machine as well
      and this would be one of the best reasons to do things my grandson
      on a trip behind eureka just learning stuff with me


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