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  • Help please with NEF

    I've been using CS Bridge to rename and file photos. Suddenly something changed and it is saving them in as an unreadable NEF file unless I convert it to a jpg. in the photoshop raw file.
    Its something to do with the Nikon program and Photoshop overriding it?
    I really don't know what Im doing now. I have a bunch of fixes I found on the internet but I have to upgrade to CS4 to use the newest versions of the patches.

    Anyone know what I did to change which program opens the files? Everything was fine until today.

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    I can't help you, but...

    Go to and enter the "Nikon" and "Digital Darkroom" forums and post this question there. Lots of knowledgable folks that will help you quickly. Tons of activity on that forum. Maybe someone here will help you as well, but the forum I mentioned has lots of activity as well.
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      NEF is Nikon's raw file format. Your camera can record JPGs or NEF files -- your choice. If you use raw (NEF) you will want to convert them in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR), a part of the Photoshop suite of programs. There are more adjustments that can be made from raw files, so that's why some use them (I do), but you can just have your camera record JPG files so you won't have to convert. I think Adobe Bridge converts raw files too, but I never use it, so I don't really know what it does. You can convert to JPG ot TIF.

      BTW, if you have one of the latest Nikon cameras, your version of CS4 may not have the proper conversion capabilities installed. You can download the latest version of ACR or Bridge from Adobe. Just about every time you buy a new camera you will need to download the latest version of ACR.

      You can also other raw conversion programs beside ACR if you want, but ACR comes free with Photoshop, and is a pretty good raw converter.


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        I do know what Im using just don't know what I did to only batch NEF. It was handling ACR just fine previously. I really don't need to shoot raw all the time for most of my work. I just think that I'll take that award winning photo and it will only be a jpg.
        I still have CS2 but was looking at the upgrade yesterday and may just get it.



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          What Nikon do you have?

          CS3 was released March 2007. CS2's version of ACR can't deal with raw files from cameras introduced after that. So the D40 might be fine, but not the D40X perhaps. Certainly not the D60 or newer. Also the D200's files will work, but not the D300's.

          The simple and cheap way to deal with newer raw files is to use Adobe's free DNG converter. It converts even the latest NEF files to a DNG file type that CS2 can easily deal with.

          I have no idea what you might have done to cause it not to work now, unless you reinstalled CS2 ACR from your original disks. If so, you need to download the last version of CS2 ACR from Adobe.


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