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  • enlarge a photo

    Where can a guy have a picture blown up into a larger print to frame?

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    Local Enlargements

    A number of outlets here in town have self-help machines for prints; Wal-Mart (I know a professional photographer here in town who gets all his prints made at Wal-Mart), Costco, Kinkos, etc. Most of those outlets will also send your requests off to have better quality large prints made. If you pick up a copy of Outdoor Photographer magazine you will see a company which advertises all kinds of prints (3D, metallic, etc) for special looks. Unfortunately I cannot remember the companies name at the moment but they usually have a number of ads in each issue.

    Good luck,



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      I guess I would have never guessed that Wal Mart or Costco would enlarge a picture big enough for a large frame...
      I'll also check the Outdoor Photographer magazine


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        http://mpix.com/ is listed a couple of times in this month's Outdoor Photographer. I know nothing about them other than I had a copy of the magazine and found 2-3 of their ads.

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          Mpix is good. I have used them. Also, if it is something special you want framed and matted, check out Imagekind. Great website. Like Mpix, you download your images via the PC and order what you want. Great service. I have had a few photobooks made from Mpix and some 12 x 20 and 18 x 34 (or so) framed prints made up from Imagekind. Both were very high quality services.

          If you just need an 8x12, do what Tracey suggest up top. Much simpler and less expensive.
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            Cosign for MPix

            I've used them for all my photo printing needs for over a year now. Outstanding quality, good service. The only thing I've found they don't do is panos . .

            I had a 36"x24" done up on canvas not too long ago for a friend, and it turned out beeeyuuutiful.




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              Up to 12 x 18 the One Hour Dept at Costco does as well, if not better job than any labs in Anchorage. Bigger than that and I can't offer much help as all of my larger images are printed by an outside Lab.
              If you need any framing done I run a shop out of my home.


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                I had Sam's Club do a 20x24" print for me last month. It's quite nice, and cost under $10, as I recall. They use a wide format Epson. They could put 24" wide paper in it, but don't.


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                  Both Kits Cameras in 5th mall, Ritz Cameras in Dimond mall can do anywhere from 11x14 to 24x72 in 1 hour.


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                    I can make you a huge color print - virtually any size you want !!

                    44" wide by any length !!


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                      I think everyone was mentioned except Kellers. They do exceptional work but are not the cheapest.


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