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    I use Nikon now, but for 12 years I used Canon film and then Canon digital cameras.

    I believe it is a toss-up which is the best.

    I can say that the Canon long glass is nothing short of incredible! I used a 300 IS f2.8 almost daily for 3 years, doing hundreds of photoshoots per year. This lens is just freaky sharp, and I mean freaky!

    Here is a shot at f2.8 and 1/3, most lenses are very fuzzy when opened up like this, but the 300 was sharper at f2.8 than most lenses at f8 - way sharper. This enlargement section would represent a section from a print about 6 -8 feet tall.

    If you have a recent Canon or Nikon (Sony and others as well) then you have great stuff.

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    Outstanding sharpness, but the color rendition is gorgeous.


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      I agree with Ray ...Amazing!

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        If you 2 guys shoot Canon, the 300 is a no-brainer, that is, if you can shell out the money without getting hurt. The lens has almost no flare, even when shooting very strongly backlit subjects. Even around hair and fine detail the lens resolves like a razor and keeps color fidelity without bleeding color from one area to another. This one at f4.


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