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Moose Plague....

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  • Moose Plague....

    These animals won't stay out of my yard, what should I do?:confused:

    Where is a wolf pack when you need one?:rolleyes:

    This old gal has had twins the past three years. She's raised them all right here in my yard. These are twin boys and doing well. These shots were back before Christmas last year.

    I have the only yard in the neighborhood that has no resident canine, so I have pet moose, or meese or mooses, miss moose and family.
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    Is there nothing so sacred on this earth that you aren't willing to kill or die for?

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    Terrible Problem

    Seems to me you could do a penetration test on one of the smaller meese ! The new 416 MURPHY would have it's first certification, and steak ta boot.
    Might wake a few neighbors up though !! LoL :rolleyes:


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      Thought that was normal, looks like our yard about 6 mo every year at least for the last 15 , before that we had a lot of moose around.


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        Dart 'em

        & moved them to Unit 13 or somewhere where they need them... :P


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